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Reid Price

Artist, Host, Comedian

Reid Price is the host of the video podcast, "Back in Blue," which covers all things Toronto Blue Jays. He also hosts and co created the video game show, "QuickCharge TV." When he's not talking about video games or the Blue Jays he works as a 3d artist in the video game industry and also performs stand-up comedy.
Black History Month Deepens Racism's

Black History Month Deepens Racism's Roots

Now that Black History Month is over (didn't take long) I feel more comfortable in saying that I very much dislike it. Black people are more than a month, and are more than several prominent black figures. Black history should be a regular part of educational curriculum and media programming, yet it is differentiated and set aside, just as black people were not so long ago. How is this good?
03/05/2014 12:26 EST
Think Bozak's

Think Bozak's "Blackface" is Racist? You Must Be White

A lot of people are mad at Toronto Maple Leafs forward Tyler Bozak for dressing in "Black Face" for Halloween. For the record Tyler is white -- and in an ironic twist of fate it appears that the majority of people complaining are, you guessed it, white people. Considering my own dark complexion I guess I should be offended. But I'm not. Even considering the ridiculous and embarrassing history of slavery and minstrel shows, it's still not a dumb move by Bozak. What's dumb is that in 2012 a white guy can't dress up for Halloween as one of the most recognized and loved human beings to ever to walk our earth. It's Halloween!
11/01/2012 05:08 EDT
What Escobar Did Is Stupid -- But I've Been Stupid

What Escobar Did Is Stupid -- But I've Been Stupid Too

Earlier I was called out for using the words "retarded" and "handicapped" in a couple of tweets which referenced Yunel Escobar, the Blue Jays shortstop in hot water for writing the words "Tu ere maricon" ("You are a faggot") in his black eye. I offended someone. I apologized, and after an honest, open, and level- headed conversation concluded that I should be more conscientious. I wasn't foolish enough to write the words across my face, but still, for what I did in the first place, I suppose I'm pretty stupid as well.
09/19/2012 05:16 EDT