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Reid Rusonik

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Reid Rusonik is a criminal defence lawyer and the managing partner of Rusonik, O'Connor, Robbins, Ross, Gorham & Angelini, LLP, Canada's largest criminal defence law firm. He is an advocate for the paramountcy of social justice over social control. For more information, visit his website

Canada's Sex Assault Charges Are Too Fast and Loose

There has been a complete elimination of the discretion not to charge in sexual assault complaints followed by a complete elimination of the individual Crown's discretion not to prosecute them. There are two major types of individuals who suffer as a result: real victims of sexual assault and those who should never have been charged in the first place.
09/24/2012 12:03 EDT

I Defend Handguns -- That's Why I'd Ban Them

I defend people charged with illegally possessing handguns. Many of them. There is at least one new such case every month; sometimes, there are two or three. If this crime is like any other, however, the number of people being caught illegally possessing handguns represents only a small fraction of those committing the offence.
07/23/2012 07:30 EDT