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Reive Doig

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Reive Doig is a sex positive activist blogging on sex and politics issues. He is publisher of the online magazine Erotic Vancouver ( and partner in the monthly party NOIR Fetish Ball (
The Jian Ghomeshi Affair Is Not About

The Jian Ghomeshi Affair Is Not About BDSM

So here we are, not just as kinksters but as a nation, debating prejudice against BDSM, worrying about how our personal kinks might affect our jobs, and invoking Pierre Trudeau's famous statement that "There's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation."
10/28/2014 02:41 EDT
Why Dan Savage Is Wrong To Boycott

Why Dan Savage Is Wrong To Boycott Stoli

Not only is a boycott of Stolichnaya misplaced, if we're to view this fight for gay rights as a battle, then this is friendly fire! SPI, the producers of Stoli, are actually based in Latvia, and that's where their vodka is actually distilled. Their claim to being "Russian Vodka" until 2007 was largely a marketing decision, and since then they've labeled their product "Premium Vodka" instead of Russian. Latvia is a small country, with a population of just over two million people. TWO million. That's less than the population of B.C. Hell, it's unquestionably millions and millions less than the LGBT population of the United States. When you think of it that way picking on poor Latvia almost seems like bullying - something the Dan Savage who pioneered the great "It gets better" campaign would hardly seem likely to get behind.
08/02/2013 02:35 EDT
Missing Women Forgotten In This

Missing Women Forgotten In This Election

Almost two weeks after the writs had dropped in the BC election the only mention of the Missing Women's Commission of Inquiry (MWCI) and the important issues surrounding marginalized sex workers were by a Conservative candidate who thinks the inquiry was a waste of time. Hardly the talk of progress Wally Opal and others hoped for at the time the inquiry closed. Yet it seems the priority that was being given to the Downtown Eastside and its marginalized women--and other marginalized women throughout the province--disappeared as soon as the TV cameras did.
04/29/2013 11:24 EDT
Fifty Shades of Cliché: How To Explore The Real Kink

Fifty Shades of Cliché: How To Explore The <i>Real</i> Kink World

The worry of those who promote and teach about kink is that those reading <em>Fifty Shades Of Grey</em> will dive into recreating the relationships within it. Relationships that if they were taking place in real life wouldn't be viewed as kinky, fun and romantic, but as abusive, emotionally if not physically. Fortunately there are those more than willing to correct the inaccuracies in the book for those looking to discover the real world of BDSM.
01/17/2013 06:02 EST
Oh Fun City! Vancouver's Vibrant Alt-Sex

Oh Fun City! Vancouver's Vibrant Alt-Sex Scene

As a sex positive advocate, fetish event promoter, and editor of Erotic Vancouver Magazine, here are my can't-miss events of the year ahead. While vanilla Vancouver may still be "No Fun City," with its regulations, liquor laws and misguided Granville Entertainment District, for the sexually open or open minded we find ourselves living in "Oh Fun City!"
01/07/2013 05:22 EST
Missing Women's Inquiry: Wally Oppal's Good

Missing Women's Inquiry: Wally Oppal's Good Intentions

Yes, the prejudices faced by Vancouver's missing women were systemic and institutional, but systems and institutions are made up of individuals, and ultimately some of them should be found responsible. Repeatedly, Commissioner Wally Oppal fails to do so. The judge has failed to judge. Imagine if during his time on the bench he'd been willing to hear such damning evidence, and then at the end of the trial declared that no sentence should be passed because, after all, in the end it's society's fault.
12/20/2012 02:38 EST
Geeks After Dark: Fandom, Humour And Awkward

Geeks After Dark: Fandom, Humour And Awkward Sexiness

It's 6:30 p.m. on a Saturday and there's a full house in The Cellar nightclub on Vancouver's Granville Street. It's unusual for a bar in the Entertainment District to attract a crowd this early in the evening, but then this is an unusual crowd for any night that isn't Halloween. I'm surrounded by super heroes, sci-fi cowboys, vampires and more. They're here for a night of <em>nerdlesque</em>, a mixture of burlesque and comedy aimed at fan-boy and fan-girl hearts. They are here for Geeks After Dark. "We pride ourselves on accepting everyone," its co-creator says. "That's the Geeks After Dark badge of honour. You want to dress up like a giant bunny wearing steam punk clothes? Awesome. You want to be in just a latex bra and panties? Fantastic. Anything you want to be, come to Geeks After Dark."
08/31/2012 09:46 EDT
Damning Report To B.C. Inquiry:

Damning Report To B.C. Inquiry: "Wouldn't Piss On Them If They Were On Fire"

Independent counsel Jason Gratl has prepared a damning report to the B.C. Missing Women's Inquiry that's looking into the years before the arrest of convicted killer Robert William Pickton. Titled "Wouldn't Piss On Them If They Were on Fire: How Discrimination Against Sex Workers, Drug Users and Aboriginal Women Enabled a Serial Killer," it pulls few punches. Indifference. Ineptitude. Discrimination. These words reverberate throughout the document.
08/23/2012 05:45 EDT
B.C. Missing Women's Inquiry Budget: Who Is Prostituting Themselves

B.C. Missing Women's Inquiry Budget: Who Is Prostituting Themselves Here?

Compare the budget for B.C.'s Missing Women's Inquiry (approaching $7 million) and the amounts charged by those working for the commission with what's spent by frontline charities like WISH and PACE that actually work with sex trade workers in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Senior commission counsel Art Vertlieb billed the province $483,741 for his work on the inquiry. If you put that together with the $482,139 billed by associate counsel Karey Brooks and her law firm you could fund WISH, with its $900,000 budget, for an entire year, and still have enough left over to fund PACE for a season.
08/20/2012 12:28 EDT