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Rema Gouyez Benallal

Beauty journalist

Rema Gouyez Benallal is British beauty journalist living in Toronto who loves all things Canadian from gravy-laden poutine to the bitterly cold winters.

With experience covering Fashion Week and blogging for FASHION magazine, 29Secrets and Women’s Fitness magazine, her extensive experience on national and international magazines has given her the industry, insider view.

Founder of her one-stop shop, lifestyle blog,, she uses this space to update and share her beauty, fashion, food and health obsessions. As well as the latest in the beauty world.

A cheesecake addict, and social media devotee you can find her in coffee shops writing copy and enjoying sugary delights with her thumb firmly glued to that hash-tag.
Goodbye Gloss, I'm Leaving With .

Goodbye Gloss, I'm Leaving With Lipstick

"Bubblegum pinks" filled with sparkles that taste like strawberries. They were all the rage when I was growing up. In school we'd always compare our purples and nudes and reds (for those whose mothers' permitted it), and we could never get enough of the stickiest, gooiest glosses. At 16, I swore I'd never trade my lipgloss for a dry boring lipstick. Now, I can't remember the last lipgloss I purchased.
07/02/2012 01:06 EDT
Francesca Tolot: Beyonce's Makeup Artist Spills Her .

Francesca Tolot: Beyonce's Makeup Artist Spills Her Secrets

After working on the likes of Beyonce, Fracessca has quite the portfolio under her brush belt. Her spectacular changes of bright eye liner and sculpted, shimmery diva looks -- I wanted them all. From her LA home, Francesca shed some light on how to achieve Beyonce's looks.
02/08/2012 09:55 EST