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Reut Amit

Lawyer writing about gender, public policy, law and politics. Follow her on Twitter @reutamit

Reut Amit is a lawyer, writer and activist. Her work is characterized by a curiosity and awe for the depth of the human experience and the healing that lies in simply telling our stories. You can find her @reutamit on Twitter and on Medium.
The War Against ISIL Begins With The Battle For The Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The War Against ISIL Begins With The Battle For The Refugees

The cruelty of ISIL is matched only by its shrewd assessment of the West. The masterminds of the Paris attacks were keenly aware of the seething anti-Muslim bigotry that bubbles just below the surface of our society. ISIL's attack on Paris was intended to invoke psychological and emotional pain, intended to threaten the very ideals we presume to be fighting for. It was intended to confirm for these refugees that they cannot escape the long-reaching arm of ISIL; that even if their children have escaped the blades of ISIL's swords, they will not escape the West's leveraged hatred in what is becoming a two-front war against these victims.
11/23/2015 08:36 EST
Yes, You Really Can Help A Anton Chalakov via Getty Images

Yes, You Really Can Help A Refugee

It has been said that being chosen to come to Canada as one of the 25,000 Syrian refugees the Liberals have pledged to take in by the year's end is akin to winning the lottery. We are incredibly blessed to live in this extraordinary country, to put our children to bed with full bellies, to send them to school, to take them to a doctor when they are ill and to feel safe in our homes and our streets. And now we are also fortunate to be able to share some of those blessings with those in dire need.
11/17/2015 06:15 EST
Citizenship Cannot Be Made Conditional Upon FETHI BELAID via Getty Images

Citizenship Cannot Be Made Conditional Upon 'Assimilation'

Karen Selick recently wrote the most honest column we will see in this election campaign -- Ms. Selick would permit "niqab-wearers" the benefit of Canadian citizenship, so long as they continued to play by her rules. If they did not, she suggests Canadians ought to deny them service at restaurants, refuse them as renters and as employees. What Ms. Selick fails to understand is she is affirming that her own membership is conditional.
10/08/2015 12:19 EDT
Harper's 'Revenge Porn' Bill Agenda Does Very Little To Protect Carri Keill via Getty Images

Harper's 'Revenge Porn' Bill Agenda Does Very Little To Protect Innocents

It's not cyber-bullying, it's cyber-rape. Imagine you receive an email containing a naked picture of you in a sexual position. You remember, that one that you sent your lover. The email is linked to a site where more images of your naked and vulnerable body are displayed followed by hateful comments, complete strangers tearing you apart, a cybermob virtually raping you. The site includes your full name, your home address, your contact information. Some of the commenters threaten to come to your home and rape you.
10/21/2014 05:41 EDT