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A fashion movement

Campaign, movement and organization fighting for the construction of a for non-profit Canadian fashion council.
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The Fight To Make Canadian Fashion Matter

Clothing is power. Your carefully selected (or mindlessly thrown on) ensemble goes hand in hand with the industries that provide them. Industries that, in many countries around the world, are supported by the governments above them. Canadian designers need to be backed by a council that will promote the industry as an art form worth fighting for.
09/22/2016 11:14 EDT
Canadian Fashion Industry Needs Unity To Iuliia_Zubkova via Getty Images

Canadian Fashion Industry Needs Unity To Thrive

One of the main issues that the Canadian fashion industry has is division. The industry lacks unifying support between all major fashion cities in Canada. All cities must come together and within each city to have unity and support within ourselves. The industry is in need of something that breaks the vicious cycle of division and unites us all.
09/14/2016 11:31 EDT