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Rhonda Levy

Founder and CEO, Empowered IVF

Rhonda Levy is a lawyer and the Founder & CEO of Empowered IVF, a consulting service that helps heterosexual and LGBT couples and singles throughout the world navigate the American and Canadian world of assisted reproductive technology (ART) in a discerning fashion. Empowered IVF helps its clients save time, money and heartache by arming them with intensely researched information about fertility clinics that offer state-of-the-art treatment options and maximum potential for success. Rhonda is an expert in fertility clinic success rate interpretation and best practices on the part of egg donor, surrogacy and embryo donation agencies. Her background as a lawyer enables her to effectively research a complex landscape, conduct an insightful comparative analysis of her clients' options, clearly and powerfully communicate vitally important information, and provide vigorous and unrelenting advocacy on her clients' behalves. Rhonda’s own struggle to become a mother via IVF inspired her to leave the practice of law so that she could spare others the physical, financial and emotional difficulties she could have avoided had she and her husband been more discerning in their choices from the outset of their journey.

Rhonda blogs at Empowered IVF and Fertility Authority. She is proud to be a member of the team of experts at Gays With Kids.  

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How My IVF Nightmare Can Help You Avoid

How My IVF Nightmare Can Help You Avoid One

Fertility clinics with low or average success rates, and those not in step with the most recent scientific advances, faced a conflict of interest. Their patients would be more likely to become pregnant with the help of their more competent and cutting-edge competitors, but the clinics would be more profitable if they did not direct them there. With this new found insight, I no longer thought of myself as an IVF patient and began to consider myself an IVF consumer.
07/10/2015 07:21 EDT