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Riaz Charania

Calgarian living in Toronto. Pop culture fiend, politic follower and hopeful future Jeopardy contestant.

I was born in Toronto, raised in Calgary and moved back in Toronto since 2007 for an internship. I attended Mount Royal College in Calgary for public relations and have worked in marketing, advertising and sales working for such companies as Astral Media and Sid Lee. <br> <br> I have always had a foot working in the music industry and have done PR for, managed and tour managed bands including Canadian punk heroes, Chixdiggit! <br> <br> You can currently find me working in International Sales at the Ontario Science Centre, and usually checking out local bands on the weekend.
What You Have Wrong About Trudeau And The Aga

What You Have Wrong About Trudeau And The Aga Khan

Recently, Justin Trudeau and his family took-up an offer from the Aga Khan to join him on his private island in the Bahamas. They were able to escape the cold, but clearly not the controversy. This whole thing has rubbed many people in Parliament, and across the country the wrong way. People have grabbed their metaphorical pitchforks and the ethics commission is now investigating. Sure, without context it seems as though this is just another lobbyist using wealth and influence to sway things in his favour, but if you actually want truth, context is everything.
01/18/2017 07:19 EST