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Richard Dowcra

Director of Life Squared, writer on the modern world and social change.

Richard Docwra is the founder and director of Life Squared, a not-for-profit organisation helping people to live happier, wiser and more meaningful lives within the pressures and complexity of the modern world.
He has worked on fundraising, campaigning and communications for global and social change for over 16 years, working with organisations such as Oxfam, the Green Party, Concern and Schumacher UK.
Richard also writes on various issues, including published work for Renewal and Professional Fundraising magazines, and the book ‘Modern Life – As Good As It Gets?‘ (Green Books, Oct 2008).
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We Need to Let Go of the Pressure to Have it

We Need to Let Go of the Pressure to Have it All

We try to have the most complete lives possible. We compare ourselves to other people and say "I want what they've got" like a greedy child in a sweet shop without stopping to realize that their lives are not ours and they are not us. Yet even when we have so much and our lives are full, still we seem to have a fear in the western world of NOT doing things.
06/23/2015 06:07 EDT