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Richard Doyle

Executive Director, Dairy Farmers of Canada

Richard Doyle is the Executive Director of Dairy Farmers of Canada, the national policy, lobbying and promotional organization representing Canada’s dairy farmers.
What Level of Spending Will the Canadian Market Bloomberg via Getty Images

What Level of Spending Will the Canadian Market Bear?

It truly is unfathomable that supposedly independent think tanks are producing papers to support one-track agendas. It is striking that they minimize factors like currency rate when it does not support this agenda. For many years (1994-2004), dairy products were actually cheaper in Canada than in the US, and supply management was not given any credit then.
05/09/2014 05:59 EDT
What You Didn't Know About Canadian AP

What You Didn't Know About Canadian Farms

Rarely, if ever, do we think of farms when we think of small business. But small businesses dot the vast country side as well. While more and more Canadians are living in cities, the farm and agri-food sectors remain economically important. Farms employ 2.1 million people, representing one in every eight Canadian job.
10/23/2013 05:19 EDT
The Truth About Food Security in

The Truth About Food Security in Canada

Critics of supply management are putting a sharp focus on one aspect of the supply management issue, but are at risk of missing the bigger picture. It's almost a matter of not seeing the cows for the...
09/21/2013 10:15 EDT
One Size Does Not Fit All in Food Shutterstock

One Size Does Not Fit All in Food Trade

Another Conference Board of Canada report claims supply management drives up prices and discourages international trade. There is no evidence that deregulating Canada's dairy market would result in lower prices for consumers. In fact, international experience tells us otherwise.
08/01/2013 05:22 EDT
A Milking Robot Controlled by a Smartphone: Canadian Dairy Farmers and Getty

A Milking Robot Controlled by a Smartphone: Canadian Dairy Farmers and Technology

The use of some remarkable automated milking systems, which allow cows to choose themselves when to be milked and keep information about each cow's production, has gone up steadily in popularity since they were first introduced in Canada nearly 15 years ago. The growing prevalence of robotic milkers on farms across the country is a sign of encouraging times.
07/19/2013 12:13 EDT
Dairy Farmers: The Original AP

Dairy Farmers: The Original Environmentalists

Farmers love to say they are the first environmentalists. We have good base of strong practices on the farm in regards to environmental protection. Over the past several decades, dairy farmers have focused on increasing the production per cow, instead of multiplying the number of cows.
06/14/2013 12:33 EDT
How Should Farm Performance Be

How Should Farm Performance Be Measured?

Studies, like the recent one by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, that attempt to undermine the value of supply management to Canadian agriculture must be examined carefully....
06/06/2013 11:35 EDT
Real Ice Cream: Accept No Getty Images

Real Ice Cream: Accept No Substitutes

Not all ice cream products are created equal. If you are looking for the real thing, beware of imitations that are marketed as frozen desserts. These treats are called frozen desserts for a reason. Because they contain little or no dairy.
05/17/2013 12:35 EDT
And the Winner Is....Canadian

And the Winner Is....Canadian Cheese

The 2013 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix took place in Montreal this past week, drawing the best of the best in Canadian cheese. The Ricotta made by Quality Cheese Inc., in Vaughan, Ontario made history as...
04/26/2013 05:19 EDT
Worldwide, Dairy Farmers Are Crying Over Spilled

Worldwide, Dairy Farmers Are Crying Over Spilled Milk

If you look around the world at successful dairy farms, they are consistently faced with the issue of competitiveness, which I define as the ability to product a commodity profitably in a sustainable manner year after year. While we have our own challenges in the Canadian dairy sector, we are also fortunate to be working within a system that offers stability and consistency.
04/12/2013 05:25 EDT
Another Look at Supply

Another Look at Supply Management

Canada's aggressive trade agenda has spawned much political, public and media discussion about the supply management system in place for certain agricultural sectors, including dairy. The C.D. Howe In...
03/21/2013 02:39 EDT