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Richard Eyram

Country Manager for Salesforce Canada

Richard Eyram joined Salesforce in 2006 to lead the Canadian enterprise business. Richard is based in Toronto, and is accountable for the growth and expansion across the country in the enterprise market. Richard joined Salesforce after completing a two-year sabbatical, sailing from Toronto throughout the Caribbean with his wife and two children. Prior to this journey, he held various positions with Pivotal Corporation, including Vice President & General Manager, Vertical Markets for North America. Rich Joined Pivotal via an acquisition, selling his consulting firm, inFORM, to Pivotal in 2001. Richard began his professional career with Accenture, focusing on business transformation and the emerging field of technology-enabled sales & CRM market. Richard received his BComm from the University of Toronto.
Canada Must Give Itself The Gift Of

Canada Must Give Itself The Gift Of Innovation

Technology is no longer a tactic in business, it's an imperative to the overarching strategy of any organization, and it's critical to thrive in an era where any business risks getting "Uberized." As an employee, digital literacy and skills are tantamount to staying relevant and employable in today's digital world.
01/26/2017 07:40 EST
How To Think Like An Olympic Athlete To Win Gold In

How To Think Like An Olympic Athlete To Win Gold In Business

There's something so inspiring watching the world's greatest athletes push the limits of physicality. Regardless of the sport in which they're competing, the key to most competitors' success goes well beyond the physical: it starts with their mindset, too. They think and act in a certain way before ever stepping onto a track, diving into a pool, or running onto a field.
08/16/2016 01:56 EDT