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Richard Gillett


Richard Gillett is a giant of a man with the personality to match. He is a fifth generation
fisherman of Twillingate, Newfoundland, and there’s nowhere else on earth he could exist – he
is rooted to the place.

Richard has worked every fishing season since the age of 13. His hands are scarred and his
fingers can barely straighten from all the hauling they’ve done. At 20, he went out on his own,
and by 25, he’d lost his first boat to a chunk of ice the size of a house. He still remembers the
cracking and popping; he and the crew were lucky to escape with their lives.

Richard is always itching to get on the water after a long winter. For him, the best day of the
year, no matter what the weather, is the first fishing day in April, and the “saddest and most
terrible” is that day in December when they have to hang up the gear for another winter.

Led by the inimitable first mate Juice Can, Richard’s crew is up for hard work, adventure and
plenty of laughs.
A Day in the Life of a Newfoundland

A Day in the Life of a Newfoundland Fisherman

My fishing career hasn't always been smooth sailing. Survival and success is a major part of fishing. The key to survival and success is to put your head down and grind through the long hours of work. A big lesson that I have learned in my many years of fishing is if you're not prepared to do hard work for long hours, fishing is not for you.
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