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Rick J. Smith

Executive Director, Broadbent Institute

Rick Smith is a prominent Canadian author and environmentalist. He is also the Executive Director of the Broadbent Institute. From 2003 to 2012, Rick was Executive Director of Environmental Defence Canada. Follow the Broadbent Institute on Twitter:
It's World Environment Day and Canada's Not Doing so

It's World Environment Day and Canada's Not Doing so Hot

Today is World Environment Day, an appropriate moment to reflect on the state of our nation's journey towards sustainability. In a nutshell, we're not doing so hot. Measured against other OECD nations, Canada continues to rank near the bottom of the barrel for environmental protection.
06/05/2013 12:25 EDT
Anti-Union Measures: Solution in Search of a

Anti-Union Measures: Solution in Search of a Problem

In every case, the government's anti-union measures are a solution in search of a problem. They are a transparent attempt to damage the financial viability of trade unions and they lay bare the hypocrisy of Conservative parties and governments who, while professing a commitment to streamline useless red tape for Canadian businesses, are ideologically driven to create a choking amount of red tape for trade unions.
04/22/2013 03:36 EDT
Seriously, Canadian Conservatives? RON

Seriously, Canadian Conservatives? RON PAUL?

Of all the conservatives the Manning Centre could have invited to be the star attraction at their annual shindig, why Ron Paul? Is this supposed to be a foreshadowing of the future direction of Canada's conservative movement? Which of his, frankly, bizarre ideas does the Manning Centre agree with?
03/08/2013 06:01 EST
Why We're Blacking Out and Speaking

Why We're Blacking Out and Speaking Out

On June 4, we -- and, we hope, you, too -- are dimming our websites to protest sweeping, unprecedented and chilling attacks on democracy. What we -- and Canada -- face now is a new low. The federal government, quite simply, is doing whatever powerful oil interests want.
06/04/2012 08:41 EDT
Being Green is

Being Green is Growing

I've noticed an increasing number of media pundits talking about how environmentalism has fallen on hard times, or has lost its way. "Environmentalism" is not just something that happens in Ottawa, through the good grace of parliament. It is an attitudinal shift that is well advanced, and accelerating.
04/25/2012 04:13 EDT
Drummond Shows His Green

Drummond Shows His Green Thumb

Though it makes for some über-heavy bed-time reading, and deserves a more thorough analysis than this blog pretends to be
04/10/2012 10:46 EDT
Yes, Americans Give Us Money to Protest the Pipeline. So

Yes, Americans Give Us Money to Protest the Pipeline. So What?

Some of the oil industry's fans have discovered that Americans give us money. And they say this money forced us to talk about the pollution and destruction that come along with tar sands extraction. They think we're ashamed of this. We're not. Let's talk about the real issue.
01/06/2012 03:43 EST
A Line in the Oil

A Line in the Oil Sands

If you stroll by Parliament Hill today, or turn on the news, you're likely to see a large group of people protesting the
09/29/2011 09:02 EDT