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Rick Mele

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Rick Mele is a regular contributor to Moviefone and Huffington Post TV, and freelance film critic for He has written about movies and pop culture for a variety of online publications.
'Game Of Thrones' Season 4 Blu-Ray/DVD Is HBO

'Game Of Thrones' Season 4 Blu-Ray/DVD Is Coming

While "Game Of Thrones" fans continue to wait for winter to come to Westeros, it's already arrived in Quebec City (does it ever leave?), where the "Ice Throne," a frozen replica of the show's iconic I...
02/12/2015 02:52 EST
Sam Claflin Steps Away From 'Hunger eOne Films

Sam Claflin Steps Away From 'Hunger Games'

According to Sam Claflin, there's a bunch of reasons he should've met his "Love, Rosie" co-star Lily Collins long before this -- they run in the same circles, starred in competing live-action "Snow Wh...
02/06/2015 10:42 EST
'12 Monkeys' TV Show: Worth The Showcase

'12 Monkeys' TV Show: Worth The Watch?

It may be impossible to turn back time -- a problem both Cher and physicists understand all too well -- but everyone knows those same laws of physics don't apply in Hollywood. Because between the time...
01/15/2015 04:02 EST
7 Things I Learned From Making a Movie for Riou via Getty Images

7 Things I Learned From Making a Movie for $7,000

With only a few thousand dollars to our names, and a cast sourced entirely from Craigslist, our little slasher film about the blind date from Hell in Quebec cottage country wasn't just a microbudget production, it was nano-budget. But somehow, miraculously, we made it through.
10/14/2014 05:15 EDT
REVIEW: '4th And Loud' Is Most Certainly AMC

REVIEW: '4th And Loud' Is Most Certainly Loud

If you were to draw a Venn diagram of reality shows, rock stars and football coaches, at the centre of it you'll find the MO for AMC's latest reality series: the louder, the better. "4th and Loud," wh...
08/12/2014 04:34 EDT
Famke Janssen Gets Scared, Netflix

Famke Janssen Gets Scared, Too

After returning from beyond the grave in the last few "X-Men" movies and now on Netflix's "Hemlock Grove" -- after her character was being zipped up in a body bag last we saw her at the end of Season...
07/29/2014 12:19 EDT
Lauren Holly Is 'Spicing' Things CTV

Lauren Holly Is 'Spicing' Things Up

It might seem odd considering her job description as the resident medical examiner on "Motive," but Lauren Holly's Dr. Betty Rogers is actually the life of the party on the police procedural. While he...
03/27/2014 04:39 EDT