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Rick Mele

Writer, film critic

Rick Mele is a regular contributor to Moviefone and Huffington Post TV, and freelance film critic for He has written about movies and pop culture for a variety of online publications.
7 Things I Learned From Making a Movie for

7 Things I Learned From Making a Movie for $7,000

With only a few thousand dollars to our names, and a cast sourced entirely from Craigslist, our little slasher film about the blind date from Hell in Quebec cottage country wasn't just a microbudget production, it was nano-budget. But somehow, miraculously, we made it through.
10/14/2014 05:15 EDT
Famke Janssen Gets Scared,

Famke Janssen Gets Scared, Too

After returning from beyond the grave in the last few "X-Men" movies and now on Netflix's "Hemlock Grove" -- after her character
07/29/2014 12:19 EDT
'I'm Just One Of The Gang

'I'm Just One Of The Gang Now'

Just this past week, there have been two major announcements coming out of HBO's hit comedy "Veep." First, on screen, Julia
04/28/2014 01:46 EDT