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Riza Santos

Miss Universe Canada 2013

Riza Santos has a heart to spread thoughts ideas worth sharing. She has a diverse and varied background including time spent in the Canadian Armed Forces, as an actress, television and musician in Asia, and as a reigning Miss Canada for the Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth Organizations.

Through her travels, she has met many unique, thoughtful, inspiring, and high profile figures. Originally inspired by her grandmother’s courage and valour during the Second World War, Riza enrolled in the Canadian Forces Army Reserve when she was a teenager. Following her natural curiosity, and drive for experience, she went to the Philippines where she pursued a successful, albeit brief career in entertainment.

However, coming from a family with a culture that heavily stresses academics, with many members earning advanced degrees, she returned to Canada for her education. It was her critical thinking, and natural curiosity that propelled her. It was during this time she also competed and won three major Miss Canada Titles.

Riza has made guest appearances on various television programs such as CNN, Good Morning Australia, eTalk, and has been featured in People. She is a blogger for The Huffington Post, a public speaker, entrepreneur, and musician. Throughout the course of her career, she has had opportunities to meet with former Governor General of Canada: Michaëlle Jean and former United States Secretary of State: Hilary Clinton. She enjoys traveling, cooking, and dancing.

She is actively involved in the community and has volunteered with several organizations such as the Lions Club, as a track and field coach for Special Olympics Canada, and as an emergency ward volunteer and preventing alcohol risk-related trauma in youth program volunteer at Foothills Hospital. She has also represented Variety – the Children’s Charity.
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The competition isn't won on coronation night, or the preliminary. The competition is won in the months of preparation prior. It's won in the hours spent in the gym and in personal development and refinement. Perhaps the most important element of preparation is studying. Knowing what it takes to win and studying those that had won before is where half the battle is won.
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