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RJ Aquino

Community Organizer

RJ’s community organizing started within Vancouver's Filipino community when he co-founded Tulayan with the aim to reintroduce Filipino Canadians to their heritage, history and language. Furthering his involvement in enriching the community and building dialogue across other communities, he was appointed to the board for Vancouver’s Asian Heritage Month society. His dedication to community service was recognized by the Filipino community when he was presented with a Maharlika award for leadership in 2011.

RJ became involved in politics by serving on the executive of the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) and the B.C. NDP. He ran as a council candidate in the 2011 municipal election.

RJ has also served on the Vancouver City Planning Commission and is currently on the board of directors for Collingwood Neighbourhood House. He is also one of the founding members of OneCity, a political party and movement for change in Vancouver, BC.
'One Dude' Can Speak Up For Vancouver's Many

'One Dude' Can Speak Up For Vancouver's Many Voices

Coters have been asking me, "What can one councillor do at Vancouver City Hall? How can you make a difference?" I am, after all, the lone candidate for a new party called OneCity -- or "One Dude" as a Province columnist put it -- in Saturday's municipal election. But I'm not lonely. I have a lot of good people backing my candidacy and this wider movement for positive change in Vancouver.
11/14/2014 07:34 EST
Vancouver House Flipping Levy Could Rein In

Vancouver House Flipping Levy Could Rein In Speculation

It happens too often. My wife and I make friends in our community -- many of them, like us, raising small children -- and then we find out they are moving, leaving Vancouver, because they can no longer afford the high cost of living here.
10/21/2014 05:14 EDT
Why Filipinos Should Vote

Why Filipinos Should Vote NDP

It's been exasperating to see the BC Liberals try to court the Filipino vote through superficial events designed to be nothing but photo-ops and not engage the community by talking about specific issues. They don't seem to be concerned with providing anything substantive because they don't seem to have anything in their platform they can point to as evidence of being engaged with the community.
05/13/2013 12:46 EDT
Arrogant B.C. Ethnic Vote Plan Smells Of

Arrogant B.C. Ethnic Vote Plan Smells Of 'Trapos'

As taxpaying residents of B.C., we resent the use of public resources to further partisan ambitions. As Filipinos and Filipino-Canadians, we are offended that we're seen to be exploitable by those looking to score "quick wins" to secure our votes. This behaviour is reminiscent of "trapos", politicians in the Philippines who engage in unsavoury conduct.
03/05/2013 05:15 EST