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Rob Henderson

President & CEO,

Rob Henderson, President and Chief Executive Officer of yconic, is a strong motivational leader with a proven track record for building teams, businesses and organizations.

At yconic, Rob leads a digital media company that has helped over three million young adults and partners with brands that want to build meaningful connections with youth. is Canada’s largest student platform with over 2.4 million registered students across North America. It is a place where students can give and get the help they want to manage student life. yconic also operates Canada’s largest youth focused market research panel, with more than 550,000 young adult panelists.

Prior to taking the wheel at yconic, Rob held several senior executive management positions leading sales, marketing and client service teams. As Partner and Chief Operating Officer of DECOSTA Marketing, Rob built the business from start-up into a multi-million dollar digital marketing agency. Rob has been a trusted digital marketing advisor for some the world's most respected brands including world renowned entertainers (Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Kevin James), leading financial institutions, and consumer packaged goods companies.

Rob has a strong understanding of the youth market, and is passionate about helping and supporting youth. An entrepreneur at heart, one of Rob's passions is to help build and support a growing entrepreneurial culture in Canada. He is currently an advisor and donor to Enactus, Canada's largest student entrepreneurship program, which he is also a proud alumnus and the former Executive Director.

Rob is also the co-founder of the National Angel Investor Organization (NAO) with Henry Vehovec, an organization formed to solve the access to capital gap for early-stage Canadian companies.
How Youth Could Make or Break the Toronto

How Youth Could Make or Break the Toronto Election

With the election a mere two weeks away, all candidates have a real opportunity to improve their standing by focusing on youth voters. When the survey was conducted, two out of three of the youth voters polled, stated they were very likely or definitely voting in the upcoming election with public transit, the economy and youth unemployment being the issues that are most important to them.
10/15/2014 12:55 EDT
How To Get Millennials To Pay Attention To Your

How To Get Millennials To Pay Attention To Your Product

To put it simply, cars have changed dramatically over the last century, but marketers are still doing the same old thing: using the 'one colour approach' in an attempt to draw in an audience whose wants and needs differ vastly from their predecessors.
08/28/2014 12:36 EDT
Why You Should Care That Grads Are Entering the Workforce Stressed

Why You Should Care That Grads Are Entering the Workforce Stressed Out

This is a generation that cares about their community and is very motivated to make a difference. By providing opportunities to positively impact their community, you will also help them feel good about themselves and their company, which will ultimately have a profound impact on relieving their stress.
04/29/2014 01:05 EDT
Why you Should Hire Interns...and Pay

Why you Should Hire Interns...and Pay Them

One quick Google search for the word "intern" and you will find a myriad of opinions, blog posts, and even the odd intern job posting. Most of the debate surrounds the topic of interns earning money, or in most cases the lack thereof.
12/17/2013 03:52 EST
Helping Students is Good for Your Bottom

Helping Students is Good for Your Bottom Line

Many reports suggest that upwards of 90 per cent of post-secondary students face high levels of stress and anxiety, mostly related to their finances, getting a job, personal relationships, and getting better grades. Clearly, students need help and feel there's no one providing it.
09/26/2013 12:23 EDT
5 Ways Students Can Access up to $15 Million In Unclaimed

5 Ways Students Can Access up to $15 Million In Unclaimed Funding

There are various reports about the amount of scholarship and bursary money that goes unclaimed each year. Some reports suggest that it could be over $15 million. While the exact number is hard to quantify, the point is there are millions of dollars that can be leveraged towards your future education. But where is the money, and how can you find it?
08/28/2013 12:19 EDT