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Rob Rainer

Executive Director, Canada Without Poverty

Rob Rainer has since November 2006 been the executive director of Canada Without Poverty. An environmental and social justice activist since 1986, his work has spanned local, regional, national, and international levels. He is a Fellow of the international Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) network, to which he has belonged since 1997.
So There's Income Inequality. Now

So There's Income Inequality. Now What?

Following an awareness breakthrough in 2011, public support and political interest for addressing inequality is apparent. But what is to be done? The more effective option for combating inequality is for governments to, first, rebuild greater fairness into our systems of taxation and, second, increase the distribution of income from the "top" to the "bottom."
01/31/2012 05:08 EST
Canada's Housing Crisis Goes Beyond

Canada's Housing Crisis Goes Beyond Attawapiskat

Housing is increasingly unaffordable for many. Federal support for housing has plummeted and could decrease further in an era of so-called fiscal restraint. The numbers point to more and more households unable to meet, or at risk of not meeting, basic needs including housing. Something's gotta give.
01/04/2012 11:03 EST