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Robb Lucy

Robb Lucy is a Producer, Author, Speaker and Podcast Host … and an aging athlete who will rage (with a smile) against the dying of the light.

Robb Lucy is an author, producer and connecter who lives in Vancouver, B.C. with his wife Kim, and two furniture destroying cats, Luna and Soleil.

Robb began his career as a radio producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He then formed his own company, producing mixed media for corporations and governments, then classroom exercise videos to gets kids exercising and smiling in classrooms around the world. He spent 25 years on the local, national and international boards of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for that work. Robb continues to develop non-profits in literacy, sports history, cancer awareness, and his local Search and Rescue team.

Robb has always been intrigued by the concept of ‘Legacy’, and in 2017 launched his book “How Will You Be Remembered? A Guide for Creating and Enjoying Your Legacies Now!” Robb is a memorable and entertaining speaker who also consults on personal and corporate legacy building. And using his journalistic and story-finding skills, Robb and his company assists families in finding and producing their legacy stories which will be enjoyed by descendants hundreds of years from now. 

Robb can be reached via email or at his podcast:

Hey Boomer, What's Your Assembly via Getty Images

Hey Boomer, What's Your Legacy?

If you're a boomer worried about your legacy: Of course every one of us will have a Legacy. Every breath, every footprint in the sand builds your Legacy. But I think conscious 'Legacy building' should begin early. Like at 40. Heck... 30'd be a good start. But, if you didn't happen to start then, Boomers can begin building life-affirming, connective, fun legacies now!
06/24/2016 01:08 EDT
We Can't Let Our Veterans' Stories CharlesWilliamsCompany via Getty Images

We Can't Let Our Veterans' Stories Die

I watched CBC TV's coverage of Remembrance Day on Parliament Hill Wednesday. Several vets in their late 80s and early 90s told some of their stories. But in a few years, millions of untold stories about our fathers, grandfathers or great grandfathers, will be gone. And simply because we didn't ask to hear them.
11/13/2015 05:00 EST
The Rule Glitters Like

The Rule Glitters Like Gold

I was raised as a good Catholic kid. I was an altar boy, a choirboy, and a boy scout selling Christmas trees with frozen hands on those freezing December evenings to benefit the church. For a while I...
09/25/2015 04:50 EDT
Don't Wait to Preserve Your Getty

Don't Wait to Preserve Your Legacy

Said Oliver Wendell Holmes: "Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it's because they're always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out." It's a reminder that legacy-building shouldn't wait.
09/18/2015 04:56 EDT
How I Ensured My Father's Story Would Live for Generations to Robb Lucy

How I Ensured My Father's Story Would Live for Generations to Come

I saw my father cry twice. The first time was just after my mother died. The next time was when I was gathering the stories of his WWII experiences, because I didn't want them to go away. I spent two years gathering my father's stories -- do you know someone whose story you'd hate to disappear?
09/10/2015 05:21 EDT
How to Leave a Legacy Worth Shutterstock

How to Leave a Legacy Worth Remembering

If you were taken away tomorrow, what do you think your legacy would be? Most of us, it seems, are happy to wait and hear what our eulogist thinks our legacies are. A little late, don'tcha think? I think it's time to lighten up the legacy conversation by creating and enjoying a variety of legacies that you can enjoy now!
09/03/2015 05:41 EDT