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Robert Barrett, PhD

Writer, Consultant, Speaker

Dr. Robert Barrett helps people and organizations understand behaviour, group dynamics, and culture. Robert is the recipient of eleven major academic awards for his contributions to the way we perceive and remedy deep conflict. From his field research on intergroup violence in Africa, to his work with corporate leaders, to the improvement of team dynamics in operating rooms and in the air, Dr. Barrett weaves together stories and science to help us understand why we do the things we do. Robert has appeared more than 50 times on television and radio, has over 14,000 hours of flying experience, and competed for several years on Canada’s national cross-country ski team.
Separate the People of Gaza from the Abid Katib via Getty Images

Separate the People of Gaza from the Problem

suffering conjures deep emotional sentiments that can quickly turn to feelings of anger and of retribution. And yet all too often this anger is channeled incorrectly. It's a mistake to think that pro-Palestinian is the antithesis of pro-Israeli. Would the Israelis not wish for a stable, prosperous, and free Gaza territory? Of course they would, because it would bring about a concomitant level of security for both Israel and the people of Gaza. Let's not confuse pro-Israeli or pro-Palestinian with anti-Hamas.
07/25/2014 01:06 EDT
The Rise of Low-Cost Getty

The Rise of Low-Cost Terrorism

Encouraged by underground support communities, Al-Qaeda-inspired terrorists usually act on their own without direct operational control or funding from international terrorist networks. This differs greatly from the 9/11 attacks, which were heavily orchestrated and funded through international terrorist affiliates.
07/05/2013 11:59 EDT
Beware Syria, Here's Why Ceasefires

Beware Syria, Here's Why Ceasefires Fail

The recent six-point multilateral agreement on Syria is a breakthrough for those seeking to end the country's horrific yearlong bloodbath. But despite overwhelming agreement that the killing must stop, a lack of shared opinion on whom or what to support now threatens to dash any hope of a ceasefire taking effect.
03/26/2012 09:02 EDT
Occupy Wall Street Is Not the Arab AP

Occupy Wall Street Is Not the Arab Spring

Where the pushers of Occupy Wall Street have erred so grievously is in comparing their struggle to that of the brave Arab Spring protesters who, even today, continue to bare their chests to real bullets. Protest-envy and the desire to suffer and to "win" like they did in the Arab Spring is couched in psuedo-militaristic terminology like "occupy" and "rebellion."
10/18/2011 04:52 EDT
Libya: Should We Stay or Should We AP

Libya: Should We Stay or Should We Go?

While Canada's early entry into the fray may have been an easy sell, next month's vote may take on an entirely different hue. For our newest MPs, it may be the most important act of their lives thus far.
05/26/2011 08:06 EDT