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Robert Neufeld

Manager of Emergency and Corporate Communications, World Vision Canada

Robert Neufeld is a former journalist who now tells the stories of children around the world. He's the Manager of Emergency and Corporate Communications for World Vision Canada.
World Vision

How To Pack Lunch For Several Thousand Refugees

The place I'm standing looks like a typical highway service centre anywhere in Canada. There's a gas bar, a small store and large paved parking lot for trucks and trailers -- the kind where you might pull over with your family for lunch at a fast-food restaurant. That's where the similarities end.
11/24/2015 03:02 EST
World Vision

'We Want To Work,' Says This Syrian Refugee Father

In Fahad Tabuck's face, I see a combination of exhaustion, frustration and despair that seems permanently etched into his expression. The 38-year old Syrian refugee looks at least a decade older, having spent the past two years fleeing from his home in Syria with his wife and five children.
11/16/2015 03:56 EST

Inside the Life of a Humanitarian Worker

On World Humanitarian Day, take a look inside the lives of three humanitarian workers from World Vision Canada. You see humanitarian workers in the news as they help save lives overseas. They appear e...
08/18/2014 03:21 EDT
World Vision Canada

A Model Refugee Camp Still Isn't Home For Syrians

Azraq Refugee Camp is seen as a model for all future refugee camps. It has schools, a hospital, playgrounds, soccer fields, community centres and even a supermarket. But for the few hundred families already settling in, and for the 100,000 Syrian refugees who will live here when the camp is completed, it's not, and will never be, home.
05/05/2014 12:58 EDT