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Roberta Jamieson

President & CEO of Indspire and Officer of the Order of Canada

Roberta Jamieson is the President & CEO of Indspire. Jamieson, a Mohawk woman, has enjoyed a distinguished career of firsts: she was the first First Nation woman in Canada to earn a law degree; the first non-parliamentarian appointed an ex-officio member of a House of Commons Committee; the first woman Ombudsman of Ontario; and the first woman elected Chief of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, where she continues to reside with her family.

An accomplished expert in alternative dispute resolution, Roberta also served as Commissioner of the Indian Commission of Ontario.

She is an Officer of the Order of Canada.
Reconciliation With Indigenous Peoples Requires Action On Indspire

Reconciliation With Indigenous Peoples Requires Action On Education

The statistics are horrendous and unacceptable. Less than 40 per cent of indigenous students who start grade one will graduate from high school. Compare that to the national rate of 87 per cent. The gap in university graduation is even greater. The economic advantages of "closing the gap" far outweigh the costs.
04/05/2017 12:59 EDT