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Roberta Staley

Writer, Magazine Editor

Roberta Staley is an award-winning magazine writer and editor who has reported from conflict and post-conflict zones around the world, including Cambodia, Haiti, Soweto, South Africa, Colombia, and Afghanistan. She blogs at Journeys to the Edge. She is planning to return to Afghanistan next year to shoot a documentary.

Afghanistan Rising: Why the Taliban Must be Kept Out of Kabul

In Afghanistan, the key to personal security is to stay a moving and elusive target: never stick to a routine, move quickly and unobtrusively. This was not only for our safety, but the safety of those we met. Fraternizing with Westerners can draw the wrath of local Taliban -- members recently beheaded two children in Kandahar province to warn citizens of the danger of collaborating with the Afghanistan government.
06/25/2013 07:26 EDT