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Robin Summerfield

Award-Winning Journalist, Former Features Writer And Calgary Herald Columnist

Robin Summerfield is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in newspapers across Canada. She is a former features writer and columnist at the Calgary Herald, and editor of Ciao! magazine. Her first book, Winnipeg Cooks, by Figure 1 Publishing will be in stores November 2015.

In 2011, her husband of three years, Mike O’Brien, was diagnosed with Stage 4 synovial sarcoma. Mike, an actor and radio producer, humourist and author, launched The Big Diseasey in early 2014. The blog, a funny, honest and touching account of Mike’s life with cancer immediately earned a loyal following. Mike died in May 2015. Robin picked up where Mike left off. Follow along as she navigates the world as a 44-year-old widow and single mom of a toddler.
I'm Grieving One Birthday, Anniversary and Holiday at a

I'm Grieving One Birthday, Anniversary and Holiday at a Time

Three months ago, my love died. Today is our seventh wedding anniversary. I am miserable. Distraction and over compensation has been a great (if not especially healthy) strategy for me. If I can't face the pain of loss at the moment, why not flip the script.
08/24/2015 05:38 EDT
Grieving Pains: Unexpected Side Effects of

Grieving Pains: Unexpected Side Effects of Widowhood

Since Mike died I am a one-woman wrecking crew. Unfortunately, my body is the demolition site. On my left forearm I have an deep yellow, inch-and-a-half-long bruise. On the underside, I have an angry red scrape that curls around from front to back. On one palm, I have a wee boo boo. Further down, I have four pink slashes, in various states of healing, across my shin.
08/04/2015 12:32 EDT
I Don't Feel Like a Widow, But I Am

I Don't Feel Like a Widow, But I Am One

The truth is I don't feel 44 and I don't feel like a widow. I feel married and 80-years-old. In the past four years, I have aged tremendously, both physically, emotionally and mentally. And in my mind, I am still married. Mike has just been gone a little more than a month.
07/12/2015 09:41 EDT