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Rod Charles

The Vikings Are Charting New Courses For Alamy

The Vikings Are Charting New Courses For 2013

Viking River Cruises is planning to leave an even bigger wake in 2013. The company will launch eight new longships in 2013. Expansion will include four new itineraries, among them a 23-day European So...
01/26/2013 06:03 EST
If You Missed Booking Rio Rod Charles

If You Missed Booking Rio Carnival...

As anyone who's ever suffered through a Canadian winter knows, it's never too early to start thinking about your next tropical visit. Especially where caribbean festivals are concerned. The catch is that it's almost too late to get in on the action at the Carnivals in Rio or Trinidad and Tobago, which take place in early February and often book up months in advance. Luckily, there's Crop Over.
01/26/2013 04:57 EST
Welcome to HuffPost Canada alamy

Welcome to HuffPost Canada Travel!

It's arrived! The Huffington Post Canada Travel is up and running. This launch represents an opportunity to do what we do best -- highlight the things that make our country cool and showcase interesting locations around the world.One of the most amazing things about Canadians is that you can't go anywhere in the world without running into one. We're aware of our world. We care about it. And we love travelling, meeting people, seeing different cultures up close and having fun.
04/24/2012 09:13 EDT