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Roger Mooking

Chef, Author and Restaurateur Roger Mooking

Chef Roger Mooking has earned an international reputation as one of North America’s premier Chefs by developing a culinary philosophy built on the perfect execution of globally inspired culinary traditions. Coming from a culturally diverse background, the Trinidadian-born, Canadian-raised Chef is no stranger to combining various influences to new and exciting culinary adventures. After Roger’s grandfather migrated to Trinidad from China, he opened several bakeries on the small Caribbean Island. This sparked the family’s many successful forays into the restaurant and catering business.

While Roger’s earliest influences are his family’s Chinese and Caribbean specialties, Roger also trained under Japanese, Chinese, French, and Swiss German Chefs including his formal training through the esteemed George Brown Culinary Management Program.

This third generation and award winning restaurateur went on to co-own and consult on many food and beverage operations including “Twist by Roger Mooking"; a restaurant that incorporates global flavors and ingredients into locally sourced North American comfort food.

Chef Mooking is the host and co-creator of his own Internationally broadcast television series Everyday Exotic. His award-winning cookbook, based on the show, explores pairing ingredients from all corners of the globe with everyday meals. Along with being an expert voice and judge on Chopped Canada, he is also the host of TV shows Heat Seekers and Man Fire Food. His culinary talents have led to appearances throughout the world and include features on Top Chef Canada, Iron Chef and Chopped America as a guest judge as well as a winner of the special All-Star Chopped celebrity chef episode.

Taking his talents outside of the kitchen, this Juno award winning recording artist has graced the stage with icons such as James Brown and Celine Dion. In 2016, Mooking’s world came full circle; catering the Juno Awards Gala and serving up his signature Mooking culinary dishes to the best in the Canadian music scene. According to Roger ‘food feeds the body, music feeds the soul”.

But for Roger, what is most important is being a dedicated husband and father of four daughters. You could say Roger has a full plate!
I Am Tired Of Fearing For My

I Am Tired Of Fearing For My Life

The very same birthright that has conditioned me to exceed my dreams can now have me killed. I'm a father of four daughters and a husband, among many other personal and professional responsibilities. I am now earnestly afraid for my life in a way that I have never been in my life previously.
07/08/2016 10:04 EDT
Solving World Hunger: Bangladesh Can Show Us the

Solving World Hunger: Bangladesh Can Show Us the Way

The only way for us to end global hunger is for governments, non-governmental organizations, business and the community work together to implement solutions we know will work. I left Bangladesh knowing that I want to help bring about an end to global hunger. So my family and I are going to take a few simple steps.
10/18/2012 04:12 EDT
Street Food from Bangladesh -- Made at

Street Food from Bangladesh -- Made at Home

Against the advice of our local guide in Bangladesh I tried this dish from a street food vendor. The dish is called Jhalmuri -- pronounced Chahl Mooree. It is Indian Puffed Rice and is a fun, very quick and very flavourful snack food. This dish is a great snack for football season and to spice things up for the chilly weather we are experiencing now in Canada. This recipe is my best attempt at trying to duplicate what I had on the streets of Dhaka.
10/17/2012 08:04 EDT
Time to End Hunger Around the

Time to End Hunger Around the World

In a couple of days I will be travelling to Bangladesh with my wife. This time I am not going to film a television show. Leslie and I are travelling with Save the Children to visit their food and nutrition programming. Leslie and I want to bring the story of these children and their families to the attention of Canadians.
09/21/2012 05:18 EDT
Recipe: How to Make King Fish Green

Recipe: How to Make King Fish Green Curry

Here is a quick simple way to make it from scratch at home with that authentic flavour that usually only achieved by catching a long flight overseas. If you want it more spicy, for all the <strong>Heat Seekers</strong> out there, just add more chilis and get ready to burn.
06/16/2012 11:15 EDT
I'm Obsessed With Juicing,

I'm Obsessed With Juicing, Too

My grandmother had the most beautiful glowing skin I had ever seen in real life -- this she attributed to a select few habits. Every morning she would hobble to the kitchen with her bad hip and turn on her juicer. Watching this every day growing up, I can appreciate it now for what it was -- an appreciation for life.
04/03/2012 04:06 EDT