Prof. Dr. h.c. Roland Berger

Doyen of strategy consultancy, Entrepreneur, Founder

Roland Berger is founder of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants in Munich and has been Honorary Chairman of its Supervisory Board since 2010. Today, the company has grown to become one of the world's top 5 strategy consulting firms with 2,700 employees working in over 50 offices in more than 35 countries. The consultancy advises leading international industry and service enterprises as well as public institutions. <br> <br> Roland Berger is a member of multiple supervisory and advisory boards of many national and international companies, foundations and organizations. He has also been appointed to numerous expert commissions by a number of national and regional governments in Germany. <br> <br> Roland Berger is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Roland Berger Foundation. The Roland Berger Foundation is committed to protecting global human dignity and human rights, and sponsors talented young people all over Germany from socially disadvantaged families on their paths from primary school to the end of secondary school.
Are You Ready For the Fourth Great Industrial

Are You Ready For the Fourth Great Industrial Revolution?

We need more startups in Europe, in order to establish new ideas, companies and business models. A glance at the age of the most innovative companies shows: in the USA, 22 per cent of them were founded after 1965, and only 56 per cent before 1925. In Europe, 2 per cent were founded post-1975 and 86 per cent pre-1925.
07/29/2014 05:22 EDT
The EU Needs a 'One In, One Out'

The EU Needs a 'One In, One Out' Strategy

Most of the laws in force in Germany today originated in Brussels. If an unpopular topic is rejected in the domestic arena, politicians frequently try to push it through via the EU. This often infringes the principle of subsidiarity, which stipulates that the EU should only handle what member states cannot handle themselves.
05/05/2014 05:53 EDT