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Romi Moondi

Storyteller and copywriter

Romi Moondi is a copywriter and author of romantic comedy novels, as well as a memoir based on her travels in Paris. She's also a member of the Wattpad Stars program with two novels published on the app, as well as a screenwriter looking to make her mark. In her spare time she geeks out on a wide variety of things, from The Mindy Project to more recently Stranger Things (Barb was clearly dead though, come on), to finding the best recipe ever for a chocolate chip cookie (still looking...).
Diversity In Books: Kind Of A

Diversity In Books: Kind Of A No-Brainer

We, as a society, are on a streak of consuming content based on totally imagined, impossible-to-relate-to worlds. Indeed, this is us, a human race that's fully accepting of bug-eyed, slimy aliens. And yet... a story that involves a different culture or a different skin colour is simply a little too..."out there?"
12/07/2016 01:06 EST