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Ron Alphonso

Toronto-based mortgage specialist

Ron Alphonso is a Toronto-based mortgage specialist with an expertise in the field of private and second mortgages. He has a long history of arranging mortgages for clients who do not meet the standard bank criteria. He can be found at and on twitter @brokerstore.
Why More Canadians Are Turning To Private Lender

Why More Canadians Are Turning To Private Lender Mortgages

The hardest shock to the national real estate market would be an increase in mortgage rates. Canada's low mortgage rates cannot continue forever, and an increase in rates would make many homeowners unable to afford their mortgage payments. The goal for policymakers should be to deflate the real estate bubble before it bursts.
04/26/2017 12:32 EDT
5 Tips On Selling A Home Before

5 Tips On Selling A Home Before Foreclosure

A foreclosure never benefits you, the homeowner. But when faced with that hard choice, you can sell your home to come out well. Here are our five tips for selling a home before foreclosure.
04/05/2016 03:47 EDT
Is A Second Mortgage Right For

Is A Second Mortgage Right For You?

Now that you have a substantial amount of equity in your property from which you may want to borrow some additional funds, maybe you want to (finally) tackle that renovation. Or you have a child headed off to college or university. You may have heard about second mortgages but aren't sure how they work.
02/23/2016 11:44 EST
Can You Afford Your Mortgage In

Can You Afford Your Mortgage In 2016?

Many Canadians are opening up their January credit card statements, reeling from the holiday hangover and newly acquired debt they racked up last month. It sure adds up quickly: gifts, some travel, a few nice dinners over the holidays. What would happen if credit card interest rates doubled? How many of us would fall behind in our credit card payments? It sounds horrible but rest assured it is unlikely. But it is far more likely to happen with our mortgage rates. Could you afford your home in 2016 if interest rates rise?
01/04/2016 03:30 EST