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Ron Kunitzky-Geyser

Author, Partnership Marketing & Brand Collaboration Expert

Ron Kunitzky is the author of "Partnership Marketing  ‐- How to Grow Your Business and Transform Your Brand through Smart Collaboration” (Wiley 2011) and President of Geyser Marketing Group based in Toronto, Canada.  

He is considered one of the world’s leading experts on Partnership Marketing & Brand Collaboration and advisor to leading companies like Google, Rogers and Trend Micro.
As a speaker, Ron has shared his insights and knowledge with thousands over the years including attendees from Siemens, Fairmont Hotels, Suncor Energy, Aeroplan, CIBC, Air Miles, Harlequin, Export Development Canada, MBNA and the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Commission.  

As a thought leader, he has been featured in publications like The Sponsorship Report, Marketing Magazine, The Marketer (UK), Expert Marketer (EU) and Advantage Magazine and other leading industry websites and blogs.
Ron is a graduate of both Concordia University (1995) and McGill University (2001) and his work in Partnership Marketing continues to transcend borders.  

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McDonald's and Weight Watchers? Why Your Brand Should Seek Unlikely

McDonald's and Weight Watchers? Why Your Brand Should Seek Unlikely Parternships

Are you looking to re-position your brand and products/services to a distinct audience? Brands that are looking to aggressively grow their business don't want to isolate their current customers because that's their "sweet spot," but they want to grow and need to look to new customer segments to make that happen. Here are some great examples of partnerships that I have seen in recent times.
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One Gadget To Replace Them

One Gadget To Replace Them All

When my friend suggested I get an iPhone, I said that I didn't need one. Now that I've got one (and I love it) I can see he was right about it being a facilitator of convenience and creator of efficiency; boy, is it ever! What I didn't anticipate is that all of those other gadgets in my life would lose their purpose once I got an iPhone.
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The Power of Brand

The Power of Brand Collaboration

Marketing Rule #1: Make it easy for your customers to engage and transact with you. Trust me when I say that if you follow this rule that you will generate more revenue, profit and repeat transactions for your business.
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