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Rose Reisman

Health and Wellness Expert, Speaker, Caterer and Author

Rose Reisman is an award-winning entrepreneur, caterer, author and media personality – not to mention, a mother of four and grandmother of three! As a registered nutritional consultant armed with an MBA, Rose has taken her passion for healthy living and developed it into a multi-faceted enterprise, making her one of Canada’s leading authorities on the art of eating and living well.

Committed to changing the eating habits of Canadians, she sought the opportunity to share her experience and expertise with others in order to influence the adaptation of a healthy lifestyle. Rose is a sought-after speaker, spokesperson, media personality and a regular newspaper contributor across Canada. She has published 19 cookbooks, including her latest, Rush Hour Meals.

She is the owner of Rose Reisman Catering, which focuses on healthy cuisine and Personal Gourmet, a convenient fresh and frozen individual meal plan. Rose recently launched Rose’s Family Meals, a complete meal delivery service providing healthy meals for two, four or more – just heat and eat!

Understanding the importance of nutrition at an early age, Rose launched a Kid’s Lunch Program, providing hot and healthy meals to schools in the GTA, in 2015.  Rose is also the restaurant consultant for the light menus at the Pickle Barrel restaurant chain and Glow Fresh Grill.

The Best And Worst Foods For Fighting Spring Fuse via Getty Images

The Best And Worst Foods For Fighting Spring Allergies

While spring is a welcome change from the drudgery of winter, it comes with its own challenges for many: allergies. Sneezing, runny noses and watery eyes are not only annoying, they can be extremely disruptive to one's daily life and can go on for months. So what causes these irritating symptoms?
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Rush Hour Meals For Back To School And Work

The importance of a healthy family meal can't be overstated -- obesity rates are climbing, and so are chronic diseases, many which are tied to poor diet and lifestyle. It's not only affecting adults, but our young children as well, and at an alarming rate. Preventing these illnesses and poor eating habits in our kid's lives starts now.
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Food Safety 101: Dos And Don'ts For Summer Valueline via Getty Images

Food Safety 101: Dos And Don'ts For Summer Eating

The summer heat means heading outdoors for barbecues, picnics and patios. Having meals outdoors is one of the best parts of summer, but improperly prepared foods can affect our health. Health Canada states that between 11-13 million people have food poisoning yearly. Ensuring the safety of food can be especially challenging this time of year because of the rising temperatures.
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How To Focus On Healthy This Spring

The start of spring is a time for renewal, and for most people it inspires a reignited focus on their health and well-being. With rising temperatures and more hours of sunlight, we're more motivated to get moving and focus on getting healthy. Getting back to basics may not sound revolutionary, but simple changes to our diet and exercise routines can make a big difference. Here are four ways that will help you to eat smart and get in shape this spring:
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Smashing 8 Popular Nutrition Myths

It seems like every other day there's a new headline warning about another food that's going to cause serious or chronic disease, or a new celeb diet claiming it's the one true way to trim down and stay in shape. The constant contradictions can be confusing!
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Try These Fun And Festive Hanukkah Desserts

There's nothing better during the holiday season than family, friends and food. The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah begins on Sunday, December 6th. As oil is important to the story of Hanukkah, many of the traditional foods used in the celebration are fried. But not all Hanukkah treats have to be oil-laden and full of fat.
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How to Make Healthy Lunches for Your Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

How to Make Healthy Lunches for Your Kids

Healthy eating has long been my passion. I've educated Canadians on nutrition and how to create delicious, well-balanced meals for over 20 years. My interest in spreading this important message stemmed from wanting to improve my health so I could be the role model for my family and for them to learn healthy eating practices.
10/20/2015 05:34 EDT
How to Conquer Your Food Chris Ryan via Getty Images

How to Conquer Your Food Cravings

No matter how good your intentions are to eat well, there always seems to be another reason to get side-tracked. Food cravings tend to be associated with sugar, fat and salt. This doesn't mean you are deprived of these foods. Cravings have to do with the pleasure centre of your brain.
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The Top Diet Trends for 2015

Every year new food trends take the stage. As a society we are obsessed with the latest news in health and these trends reflect this. In recent years, we've seen diets such as Paleo and Flexitarian become popular, as well as shows like The Biggest Loser take precedence. Foods such as chia seeds, kale and gluten-free have been in the spotlight. So what will it be this year?
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Stay Healthy This Holiday Season By Looking for Food Clues

This holiday season let's try a different tactic. Be proactive rather than reactive and you won't have to worry come January. Food served at restaurants, events and parties tastes delicious and can hard to resist as it contains excess fat, sugar and sodium, yet the descriptions never sound that unhealthy. Let me be your interpreter! Here are some clues to look for when eating out to decipher those tricky food descriptions.
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