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Rose Reisman

Health and Wellness Expert, Caterer, Restaurateur, and Author

Rose Reisman has enlightened, entertained and uplifted Canadians for over two decades. While best known for her many popular cookbooks, she has also written extensively on topics, which include fitness, chronic disease prevention, weight management, career stress, nutrition trends, parenting and dealing with challenges of a rapidly changing world while living a healthy lifestyle. <br> <br> Rose practices what she eats! Rose is a remarkably fit woman with four grown children and a very full and rewarding career. Rose embodies a true zeal for her message. Rose is a sought after speaker on TV and radio, a regular newspaper contributor, an owner of Rose Reisman Catering, and Personal Gourmet, a food delivery service with a fresh and frozen line, consultant to Canada’s leading food suppliers and most recently has opened her first restaurant, Glow, incorporating her Art of Living Well philosophy. She also contributes healthy seasonally themed menus to the Pickle Barrel chain of restaurants, now totalling 12. Rose has an engaging personality that has impacted on how Canadians live. <br> <br> As a health and wellness entrepreneur, Rose Reisman has taken her passion for healthy living and developed it into a multi-faceted enterprise. She has executed several strategies for creating a balanced life of her own. With today’s unhealthy nation she sought the opportunity to share her experience and expertise with others in order to influence the adaptation of a healthy lifestyle. From energetic activity to tantalizing, nutritious food, Rose offers “the Magic Bullet” on eating and living well. Her ultimate goal is to create a domino effect where her influence on the current generation inspires the next leading to prevention of chronic diseases and an increased longevity of life. Rose wants to change the eating habits of Canadians. <br> <br> Rose reaches her market through her many endeavours including cookbooks, television, radio, newspaper, catering, restaurant consulting, a food delivery program and acting as an Adjunct professor at York University's Department of Health. <br> <br> Rose is a Registered Nutritional Consultant from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and holds several university degrees, including an MBA. Rose won the prestigious Schulich School of Business Alumni Recognition Award for Outstanding Public Contribution, the Outstanding Public Contribution Award, ORT, and was nominated for the 2009 Ernst and Yong Entrepreneur of the Year Award. In 2010, she was the Top 100 Award Winner in the Trailblazer and Trendsetter category in Canada’s Most Powerful Women of the Women’s Executive Network. Rose launched her latest book, Rose Reisman's Family Favourites, published by Whitecap. To date, she has written more than 17 books. <br> <br> Rose has partnered with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Kruger, CIBC, McCain’s Foods Canada, and The Running Room, and has helped to raise over $1 million for research, education and treatment of breast cancer. <br> <br> Reisman speaks with the kind of intelligence, energy and the real-life experience that comes from being the working mother who balances a full career, household and an active social life. She “walks the walk and talks the talk” on a daily basis. <br> <br> <u><strong>Projects</strong></u> <br> <u>Books</u> <br> -Author of more than 18 best-selling recipe books on nutrition and wellness. <br> -Sold over 750,000 books. <br> <br> <u>Rose Reisman Catering</u> <br> -Launched Rose Reisman Catering, offering deliciously light cuisine to social and corporate groups in Toronto including The Canadian Opera Company, The Science Centre, CBC and “The Steam Whistle”. They offer regularly catered lunches featuring healthy menus to over 400 clients. <br> -Launch of Rose Reisman’s Homemade Biscotti across Ontario. <br> <br> <u>Rose Reisman’s Personal Gourmet</u> <br> -Launched “Personal Gourmet” - a daily, fresh food delivery service designed for people who want to eat healthy great tasting food at the comfort of their home. J <br> -ust launched a “Ready to Freeze” food program that delivers healthy meals to Canadians nationwide. <br> <br> <u>Restaurant - “Glow” (Shops at Don Mills)</u> <br> -Embodies her philosophy and adheres to her recipes. <br> <br> <u>The Pickle Barrel</u> <br> Inspired and created healthy menus, such as “Under 500 Calorie Menu”, the “Locally Grown Menu”, the new “Tighten Your Belt Menu”, “Mediterranean Escape Menu” and “Family Favourites” menu for all 12 of the Pickle Barrel Restaurants widening the restaurants appeal to a broader market. <br> <br> <u>Speaking Engagements</u> <br> -Rose speaks with the kind of intelligence, energy and real-life experience that comes from being a working mother who balances full career, household and an active social life. <br> -Health and wellness seminars, cooking demonstrations, corporate lunch & learns that focus on building a balanced healthy family and working environment. <br> <br> <u>Adjunct Professor at York University Faculty of Health</u> <br> -Founding member of the new advisory committee, in collaboration with the Dean Harvey Skinner, PhD, linking academic, clinical, community and public health partners in the Greater Toronto Area to promote the ideas of public health and preventative care, such as obesity and related chronic diseases. <br> <br> <u>Social Networking Website</u> <br> -The unique Art of Living Well website combines interactive and practical tools that users can draw on to achieve a healthier lifestyle. ( <br> <br> <u>Media </u> <br> -Weekly “Choose It and Lose It” column in Saturday’s National Post, The Appetizer Blog and Metro News; Monthly “Swap It” segment on Breakfast TV and Cityline <br> -Weekly Radio “Food Bites” on 680 News <br> -Monthly local column in POST CITY Magazine <br> -Regular appearances on Canada AM, Breakfast TV, Global TV and CBC <br> <br> <u>National Fundraising Causes</u> <br> -CBCF: raised over $1 million from the sales of booksCanadian Diabetes Association Wellness Ambassador <br> <br> <u>Awards and Credentials</u> <br> 2010 – Adjunct Professor at York University Faculty of Health <br> 2010 – Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Award Winner in the Trailblazer and Trendsetter category, Women’s Executive Network <br> 2009 - Outstanding Public Contribution Award, ORT <br> 2009 - Earnst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee <br> 2008 - Outstanding Public Contribution Award, Schulich School of Business <br> 2005 - Cuisine Canada Silver Culinary Book Award <br> 1985 - MBA from York University
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