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Rose Reisman

Health and Wellness Expert, Speaker, Caterer and Author

Rose Reisman is an award-winning entrepreneur, caterer, author and media personality – not to mention, a mother of four and grandmother of three! As a registered nutritional consultant armed with an MBA, Rose has taken her passion for healthy living and developed it into a multi-faceted enterprise, making her one of Canada’s leading authorities on the art of eating and living well.

Committed to changing the eating habits of Canadians, she sought the opportunity to share her experience and expertise with others in order to influence the adaptation of a healthy lifestyle. Rose is a sought-after speaker, spokesperson, media personality and a regular newspaper contributor across Canada. She has published 19 cookbooks, including her latest, Rush Hour Meals.

She is the owner of Rose Reisman Catering, which focuses on healthy cuisine and Personal Gourmet, a convenient fresh and frozen individual meal plan. Rose recently launched Rose’s Family Meals, a complete meal delivery service providing healthy meals for two, four or more – just heat and eat!

Understanding the importance of nutrition at an early age, Rose launched a Kid’s Lunch Program, providing hot and healthy meals to schools in the GTA, in 2015.  Rose is also the restaurant consultant for the light menus at the Pickle Barrel restaurant chain and Glow Fresh Grill.

Why Fasting Is a Terrible Way to Lose Shutt

Why Fasting Is a Terrible Way to Lose Weight

We're still contemplating whether or not we should try the next fad diet. Maybe you've tried the Paleo, Mediterranean, Dukan, Biggest Loser or juicing diet. Well the next in line is the "fasting" diet. Doesn't sound all that exciting to me!
03/22/2013 08:16 EDT
Ways to Help Kids Fight

Ways to Help Kids Fight Obesity

There isn't a parent I know that doesn't want the food environment to be healthier. Stress and time restraints force many to get the "quick" fix when it comes to food, and fewer families are preparing meals from scratch. Here are some tips to keep your kids healthy.
03/08/2013 06:09 EST
Can What You Eat Really Help You Fight Off Alamy

Can What You Eat Really Help You Fight Off Disease?

When we eat a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein, we feel better, have increased energy and improve our immune system. Here are my favourite picks of delicious affordable foods that can help fight chronic disease. And the bonus is that nutrient dense food tastes great!
02/19/2013 12:15 EST
Can You Really Maintain a No-Wheat Alamy

Can You Really Maintain a No-Wheat Diet?

A large part of the population suffers from side effects connected to the consumption of wheat. The result has been a strong physical reaction by many to these new forms of wheat including weight gain. Once you cut out wheat your blood sugar stops spiking, your appetite is reduced and thus you lose weight. Easy formula, but challenging to maintain.
01/30/2013 05:35 EST
Key Tips to Keeping Your Health Alamy

Key Tips to Keeping Your Health Resolutions

Only 45 per cent of North Americans make resolutions since most of us have tried numerous times and failed. Every day you have to work at it. But practice does make perfect in living well. You'll always be fighting the battle, but you'll win the war. Here are my key tips to keep in mind this 2013.
01/09/2013 12:24 EST
Nine Tips for Eating During the

Nine Tips for Eating During the Holidays

Many of us consume an extra 500-1000 calories between December 1-31 on these days, which can cause as much as a 5-10 lb weight gain. And we definitely feel it on January 1! So is it possible to enjoy the festive celebrations and maintain your weight? Absolutely! Here's my advice on how I prevent those pounds from creeping on.
12/07/2012 08:09 EST
Six Food and Nutrition Myths Shutterstock

Six Food and Nutrition Myths Debunked

With all the latest studies on nutrition it's difficult to know what's relevant and what's not. Let's look at some of the most recent myths that might be confusing your food choices. Here are five food and nutrition myths debunked.
11/22/2012 12:33 EST
Which Breakfast Sandwiches to Choose and Quentin Bacon/Food&Wine

Which Breakfast Sandwiches to Choose and Lose

Breakfast sandwiches at fast food restaurants have become a quick meal for many. We are led to believe that the egg, cheese and bacon on an English muffin or bagel make a healthy nutritious breakfast, especially if compared to those monster size muffins. But think again.
11/11/2012 11:40 EST
Would Graphic Labels on Unhealthy Foods Stop You From PA

Would Graphic Labels on Unhealthy Foods Stop You From Snacking?

The Ontario Medical Association has a controversial yet much needed idea of putting a graphic picture and warning of health risks on foods and beverages that have no nutritional value. Not very appetizing, but it has been done and worked for cigarette labels. So what's wrong with the information printed on foods today?
10/31/2012 08:00 EDT
Six Everyday Foods That Threaten Your Alamy

Six Everyday Foods That Threaten Your Health

We are all aware of the most obvious foods that are bad for our health. Those that contain excess fat, sugar and salt top the list. Ones that come to mind include candy, chocolate, buttery foods, smoked meats and salty snacks. I'm sure you know many more than that. But there are some foods that don't immediately come to mind which we mindlessly consume not thinking about the effects on our health.
10/16/2012 07:47 EDT
Six Dishes That Will Be on my Table This Shutterstock

Six Dishes That Will Be on my Table This Thanksgiving

The wonderful Thanksgiving weekend is right before us. We associate this holiday with family, friends, relaxation and most importantly, delicious cuisine. An average Thanksgiving meal can have over 2,500 calories. But eating well is not difficult or boring. You'll be surprised at how delicious my menu items are with the added bonus of being healthier for your heart and stomach! Here are some of the recipes I'll have on my table this Thanksgiving. Enjoy!
10/05/2012 05:52 EDT
Weight Loss Tips From Around the Alamy

Weight Loss Tips From Around the World

North America has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. The reasons are multi-faceted. Fast food; super sizing; convenience; lack of exercise; work schedules; no time; family demands and stress. People from other countries have similar factors in their lives but manage to keep their body weights at a healthier level. So what are their secrets?
09/21/2012 05:16 EDT
Dining Out Often? Try These Tips to Maintain Your

Dining Out Often? Try These Tips to Maintain Your Weight

Many of us find ourselves eating out on a regular basis due to social or corporate demands, but restaurants' objectives are not to keep our weight in line. On average Americans eat out at least four times per week. Can you eat out and maintain your weight without consuming only veggies and steamed fish? Yes you can. Here is my advice.
09/05/2012 08:12 EDT
Feeling Supersized? Blame Today's Burger Business

Feeling Supersized? Blame Today's Mega-Portions

One of the reasons for almost 60 per cent of Canadians being overweight is due to the large portions of food we're getting at restaurants, fast food chains and the supermarkets. Adults are about 25 pounds heavier than they were in the 1950s! No wonder we have increased incidences of heart and stroke disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. Here are some tips to remember when eating out...
08/22/2012 12:10 EDT
Too Much Sugar in Your Diet? These Foods Help Block Shutterstock

Too Much Sugar in Your Diet? These Foods Help Block it!

We are a sugar and carb addicted society. Starches such as desserts, white flour products and candy raise our blood sugar and over time this can lead to diabetes type 2, obesity and heart disease. We have to reduce the amount of sugar intake to reduce these spikes in blood sugar -- easier said than done. But good news! You don't have to give up all the foods you love. There are techniques that will actually block sugar absorption.
08/02/2012 07:54 EDT
Will You Eat Pepsi's New Greek Flickr: osde8info

Will You Eat Pepsi's New Greek Yogurt?

Sales of Greek-style yogurt in the U.S. have jumped 2,500 per cent in the last five years, with annual sales this year predicted to reach $1.5 billion, an increase making it one of the "hottest growing food products" of all time. And Pepsi's jumping on the train. Pepsi's strategy is to launch "fun" Greek yogurt, which translates into "fun for you," "better for you" and "good for you" (when it really contains six teaspoons of sugar)!
07/24/2012 05:15 EDT
Fatty Summer Foods to Avoid at Every Fair, BBQ and Pool Flickr: Insufficient Postage

Fatty Summer Foods to Avoid at Every Fair, BBQ and Pool Party

The summer months encourage you to be outdoors, exercise and eat fresh and healthy. But the heat slows us down; the abundance of entertaining is out of control and it's just so easy to overeat those luscious grilled meats, potato salads and ice cream. We also are out at events more and can get caught off guard by the offerings. Since we still have the better part of the summer ahead of us, here are some tips to maintain your health and weight while out and about.
07/17/2012 07:56 EDT
Five Flickr: _Nezemnaya_

Five "Diet" Foods That May Be Making You Gain Weight

So often we're led to believe that certain foods we consider healthy are also "diet" foods. For example fruits, vegetables, olive oils, lean protein, yogurts, marinades or anything labelled low fat, low calorie or low sugar have to constitute a healthier diet. But just don't take these foods at face value. You have to be careful of how you consume them. Check out these top five culprits.
07/10/2012 12:03 EDT
The Surprising Truth About What's in Your

The Surprising Truth About What's in Your Food

Today, fast and processed food is a daily occurrence due to its availability and the lack of time in our lives. According to the National Restaurant Association, nearly half of the money North Americans spend on food is in restaurants. The problem is that much of the food we eat has not been created in a kitchen but rather a laboratory. You may find the truth about what's in the food we eat hard to swallow!
06/21/2012 07:50 EDT
Foods That Increase Your shutterstock

Foods That Increase Your Libido

Are there really foods that can increase and improve your sex health? Studies have shown that a healthy sex life can add years to one's life, build a strong immune system and even lower prostate cancer risk. Too good to be true? Well there's no harm in trying! Here are some foods that will keep you up all night in the bedroom!
06/11/2012 12:06 EDT