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Rowan Nielsen

Writer, Producer, Director

As a Ninja motorbike rider, SCUBA diver, and Karate black belt, Rowan Nielsen is accustomed to utilizing her broad range of skills to make great things out of any budget. Rowan has worked in the television, film and commercial industries for over 15 years. She is a seasoned writer, producer, director and is an award-winning storyteller in the lifestyle, documentary and dramatic genres. Rowan’s most recent writing and directing projects can be viewed on OUTtv (Bump! III and IV and Jack TV), and online (In The Grid). She is a founder of Plus 8 Pictures and a member of WIFT.
Fund a Film; Aid an reuters

Fund a Film; Aid an Island

My business partner and I created the concept of Fund a film; Aid an Island. We decided to make our first feature film, Nightrunners, by combining the popularity of horror/thriller genre films with a beautiful location and a team of Kenyan locals who are thrilled at the prospect of telling a story featuring their own culture while being paid to tell it.
11/09/2012 10:28 EST