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Rupert Potter

British Consul General in Vancouver

Rupert is a British Diplomat with over 20 years of experience, with postings across Bahrain, Jordan and Sweden. He has also worked in London on South Asia, North America and Afghanistan units, as well as for the Cabinet Office. Rupert is currently the British Consul General in Vancouver, covering British Columbia, the Yukon and the North West Territories; and his focus is to advance trade and investment, policy co-operation on issues such as climate change and energy, and supporting British citizens. He has MAs in History & Creative Writing; and his ideal Saturday involves running in BC’s woods, writing or reading, and a dinner out with family and friends.
Change Can Be A Renaissance If You Accept

Change Can Be A Renaissance If You Accept It

Response to change requires a positive acceptance of the reality, a calm head, and clear strategic thinking. I don't want to leave Canada. And I don't want to stop being a Consul General. But I shall. There is no time for wistful dreaming about how nice it would be if everything could stay the same or just keep going.
07/21/2016 01:32 EDT
Entrepreneurship Is A Flight Into The

Entrepreneurship Is A Flight Into The Unknown

I am sure that's how entrepreneurs feel on the ground before they set off -- forcing themselves to believe it will all work out, even when they know there are no guarantees. I stand in awe of their courage, the same way I stood in awe and excitement looking through the window of Vancouver International Airport watching a BA A380 preparing to set off.
05/10/2016 11:43 EDT
What Shakespeare Taught Me (400 Years

What Shakespeare Taught Me (400 Years Later)

April 23rd is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. Few of us would dispute that he was a great playwright, few except perhaps Grade 8 students all over the world being forced to study symbolism in Macbeth or how to write iambic pentameter. But why is it Shakespeare we still celebrate? Why him and not any number of other playwrights? Let us count the ways.
04/22/2016 03:40 EDT
Our Future Depends On Building Smart, Sustainable

Our Future Depends On Building Smart, Sustainable Cities

Currently 54 per cent of the world's population live in cities -- over 3.5 billion. Cities account for about 70 per cent of energy related greenhouse gas emissions (more per capita than rural areas). And in 2014, global CO2 emissions, which account for approximately 65 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions, were nearly 36 giga-tonnes.
03/01/2016 11:35 EST
Paris Agreement Proves That Compromise Isn't A Dirty

Paris Agreement Proves That Compromise Isn't A Dirty Word

I've always believed that if you shut people in a room for long enough, they'll find something to agree on. A fiery debate maybe more fun, particularly over a drink with friends, but if it never reaches resolution it never actually achieves anything. Agreements can come naturally, but more often they don't -- in which case they require capitulation or compromise. Given that no one likes capitulation (unless it's by the other person) compromise has to be the norm. So it was at the COP21 in Paris.
12/15/2015 08:24 EST
Agreements Made In Paris Will Guide Our Climate

Agreements Made In Paris Will Guide Our Climate Future

The meeting is a key opportunity for international leaders to reach agreement on next steps: an agreement that should be ambitious, pushing us further along the path of emissions reductions; an agreement that is legally binding; and one which is supported by regular defined reviews to help tie us to our commitments.
12/07/2015 12:08 EST