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Russ Beck

Writing Teacher, Utah State University

Russ Beck teaches writing at Utah State University. He co-edits the magazine, and co-writes the blog
The Truth About NOAA

The Truth About Fishing

On good days, fish seem like they are conjured instead of caught. But here's the truth: fly fishing -- no matter how pretty Brad Pitt makes it look -- is about people pestering animals for their own pleasure. Even though I know this fact and feel its weight every time I angle, I still can't go a day without thinking about fishing.
01/06/2013 12:21 EST
Change My Mind: Should Big Boys

Change My Mind: Should Big Boys Cry?

Did Bubba Watson embarrass the male sex by getting all weepy after he won the PGA Masters 2012?For our ongoing debate series, we've asked two Huffpost contributors to duke it out, in a gentlemanly way, as to whether this scene creeped them out -- or if they welcomed this show of male tears. Vote on who you agree with!
04/11/2012 12:18 EDT
Russ Beck- On Crying in Sports and the Mormon

Russ Beck- On Crying in Sports and the Mormon Church

I grew up knowing that real men castrated sheep, lifted hay bales above their heads, killed deer on dead runs and cried in public. Not just cried, not snivels, not single tears rolling down cheeks, bu...
04/11/2012 12:02 EDT