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Russ Blinch

Freelance writer, editor, and author with a passion for energy, the environment, and sustainability.

Russell Blinch is a freelance writer, editor, and author with a passion for energy, the environment, and sustainability.

Formerly a senior editor and correspondent for Reuters, Russell was previously posted in Washington, D.C.,  Singapore, Ottawa, San Francisco, and Toronto. 

Russell's first novel as an indie author, Giant's Grave, was released in June and imagines a dystopian world wracked by climate change, the collapse of governments, and the rise of calamitous private forces.


How One Man's All Nighter Could Save The Planet

Anyone can pull an all nighter. What student hasn't done this and produced some whiz bang of a term paper the next morning. No big deal right? So this Elon Musk guy works all night and whacks out a 57-page report detailing the Hyperloop, a souped up hovercraft in a tube allowing the great unwashed to travel at the speed of sound from one city to the next, powered by the sun, all for $20 a shot. Big whoop.
08/17/2013 12:38 EDT

This Is Why We Need Renewable Energy

Is this the best of times? Is this the worst of times? Are we in the age of discovery or hurtling towards a blazing, horrible finish? Basically, it's up to us. We need new ways to heat our homes, power our cars and fuel our factories. If not, we risk heating our planet to the point of making it unlivable.
08/09/2013 05:32 EDT
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Is Canada Now Openly Denying Anti-Pipeline Research?

Jim Hansen, the esteemed scientist formerly of NASA, is spewing "nonsense" when he is talking about global warming and Canada's Keystone pipeline, according to Joe Oliver, Canada's Natural Resources Minister and former investment banker turned heavy oil mouthpiece.
04/25/2013 06:18 EDT
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Why Don't We Tax Carbon Like We Tax Cigarettes?

A carbon tax is like a tax on tobacco. We need to make sure we are paying the full cost of something that is going to cause havoc down the road. In fact a carbon tax could be even revenue neutral, i.e., the money could be refunded to help the needy. Carbon-based fuels cause pollution and global warming. These hazards will prove costly for future generations.
04/12/2013 05:25 EDT