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Russell Sabio is the Branded Content Editor for HuffPost Canada. Follow him on Twitter @russellsabio
Don't Call Winnie Harlow A Role

Don't Call Winnie Harlow A Role Model

Winnie Harlow may be one of the most influential models in the world right now, but don’t call her a role model. The 22-year-old Mississauga, Ont. native has defied traditional beauty ideals by taking on the fashion industry and not letting her vitiligo (a condition characterized by the depigmentation of skin) get in the way of success. But she still doesn’t see herself as someone to look up to.
08/08/2016 12:05 EDT
Road Trips You Need To Take This

Road Trips You Need To Take This Summer

So you feel like you’ve done all road trips Ontario has to offer? Think again, my friend. There are always roads less traveled and new destinations to discover.
08/01/2016 12:05 EDT
The Only Way To Sit At Work

The Only Way To Sit At Work (INFOGRAPHIC)

Mary Poppins taught us about good posture when we were young and so the same principles should apply later in life. Proper posture and form can help reduce the strain on the ligaments and spinal discs in the back.
08/01/2016 12:05 EDT
Your Summer Vacation Bag,

Your Summer Vacation Bag, Packed!

From toilet paper to pain medication, here are six travel essentials that any sensible adventurer should carry.
07/25/2016 12:05 EDT
Secret Picturesque Locations In

Secret Picturesque Locations In Toronto

There’s nothing better than hopping in your car and going for a joy ride to uncover the unexpected gems of your city. From the shores at Ashbridges Bay to the wildlife at Humber Bay Park, Toronto is full of hidden havens.
07/25/2016 12:05 EDT
Ways To Make The Weekend Yours

Ways To Make The Weekend Yours Again

Making time for the most important person in your life -- you -- is essential for overall health and well-being. But sometimes life gets in the way: work piles up, the kids need a drive to practice, and the household chore list gets unbelievably long. We list five effective ways to take back your life.
07/18/2016 12:05 EDT
Beautiful And Brainy: 6 Inspiring

Beautiful And Brainy: 6 Inspiring Women

Seven women who are embracing their own unique beauty and proving that behind their "pretty faces" is a powerful, intelligent, person.
07/08/2016 04:05 EDT
Summer Beach Bag

Summer Beach Bag Essentials

Seven things you need for guaranteed summer fun, from the all-important sunblock to products that help your legs look radiant.
07/04/2016 12:05 EDT