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Ryan Pannell

Chief Investment Officer, Synergis Capital Management

Ryan Pannell is a Canadian-born hedge fund manager, ocean conservationist, and committed philanthropist. A Toronto native, he continues to actively diversify his experiences whenever possible, and is passionate about connecting with engaging individuals around the world. Prior to his Predictive Modelling, Algorithmic Engineering, and Behavioural Finance work, Ryan was a pioneer in cryptographal web-based messaging technologies, and enjoyed a successful early career as a film and television professional. This unusual mix of expertise in capital markets, technology, business, and the Arts, gives him a uniquely creative perspective on business best-practices, and how to stand out and get ahead in the ever-quickening Rat Race. <br> <br> While his professional focus currently lies with Synergis (a BVI-based ethical high-yield fund), his personal creative energies are concentrated on writing non-fiction articles - on topics ranging from productivity and business agility, to finance and wellness - for a variety of publications. His philanthropic efforts are split between two causes profoundly significant to him: providing assistance to underprivileged youth, and oceanic conservation. <br> <br> Ryan is an active sportsman with a deep love of the ocean; he enjoys stand-up paddling, surfing, diving (free and scuba), sailing, and is a retired competitive polo player. He lives and works in Barbados, and returns to Canada seasonally. <br> <br> You can also find Ryan on Twitter (@RyanPannell).
How to Survive a Character

How to Survive a Character Assassination

If you are a dynamic, successful individual, a born leader, highly charismatic, popular, attractive, or all of these things, then at some point you are guaranteed to be the target of character assassination. Given how damaging character assassination can be, it's worthwhile having in your toolkit the means to survive one -- and not just survive: PREVAIL.
10/22/2014 01:02 EDT