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Sacha DeVoretz

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Journalist, writer, and world traveler. Passionate about the outdoors, all things pretty, eating healthy, enjoying life to the fullest and being kind to the planet.

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What's New In San Francisco For Sacha DeVoretz

What's New In San Francisco For 2017

I love travelling to new places. They can be around the corner or across the globe. Recently, I was lucky enough to explore San Francisco and found it to be an amazing place to visit with plenty of things to see and do (read: shopping) and innovation!
03/02/2017 10:33 EST
Hot Spring Trends For DevMarya via Getty Images

Hot Spring Trends For Nails

I love pretty nails and the new season of spring! Recently, I was lucky enough to speak with Linda Ly owner and founder of Onyx Aesthetics Studio. Linda shared with me the hottest trends for nails this spring and also the top tips for gel nails and manicures.
02/23/2017 05:18 EST
Top Makeup Looks On Trend For Sacha DeVoretz

Top Makeup Looks On Trend For 2017!

I love pretty new make - up trends! There is nothing like a new lipstick or concealer to put a little pep in your step. Recently, I was lucky enough to speak with Sara Delaney, L'Oréal Designer Brand...
02/16/2017 12:38 EST
Top Spring Travel Style Dzhulbee via Getty Images

Top Spring Travel Style Trends

I have been travelling more and more, and want to keep my style fresh when I am running through airports or travelling to new exciting destinations. I recently picked up some amazing spring style tips from Bradley O'Brien -- executive vice president of design and product development for Tommy Bahama.
02/08/2017 01:07 EST
Hair Trends To Watch In PeopleImages via Getty Images

Hair Trends To Watch In 2017

For 2017, we foresee beautiful big curls with a cheek length face-framing fringe and layers throughout. We additionally look forward to styling sleek ponytails and top knots with soft ribbon details and accessories such as bows, and big bold jewelry including emeralds and diamonds.
01/06/2017 04:29 EST
The Hottest Style Trends For Brian Bailey via Getty Images

The Hottest Style Trends For Winter

Canada is synonymous with red. This colour evokes a warm nostalgic feeling and works for everyone! Add to this some golden oak, winter white, woodrose, cabernet, snowy ice, grizzly brown and celestial blue and you have the perfect mix of colours that you can dress in and it also paints the perfect Canadian landscape!
12/28/2016 08:29 EST
Port Credit Is A Hidden Gem In Gregi69 via Getty Images

Port Credit Is A Hidden Gem In Ontario

Port Credit is a neighbourhood in Mississauga, approximately 25 kilometers from Toronto or about a 35-minute drive from downtown Toronto. You can also take a train from Toronto to Port Credit or Uber as transportation to this lovely lakeside area.
12/19/2016 01:26 EST
Top Travel Style Trends For Sacha DeVoretz

Top Travel Style Trends For 2017

I have been travelling a lot lately, and I realized that just because I am in a new place, does not mean that my style has to go out the door. In fact, it is possible to look and feel great when you're travelling with a few easy tips.
12/14/2016 04:58 EST