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Hottest Fall Trends For

Hottest Fall Trends For Socks

Recently, I spoke with Cate Rodrigue, Canadian Brand Manager for Darn Tough Socks about how to protect your tootsies and keep them comfy and colourful for fall. Cate shared with me her top tips for choosing the right socks this season.
09/16/2014 05:42 EDT
How to Get the Celebrity Travel

How to Get the Celebrity Travel Look

Always trying to get my style together a bit more, I recently spoke with Elana Brynes, Founder and Creative Director of Kings of Cole, a high end line of hoodies and loungewear. I asked Elana, how can the average person look like a celebrity and feel fabulous when travelling?
09/12/2014 12:27 EDT
How to Have the Best Experience at a Hair

How to Have the Best Experience at a Hair Salon

Recently I spoke with Amber George, Creative Director/Owner at Verve Hair Lounge to get her top tips on how to find the best stylist for your hair and lifestyle. Amber is an award winning stylist and knows what she speaks of.
09/08/2014 12:17 EDT
How A Silk Pillow Case Can Improve Your Skin And

How A Silk Pillow Case Can Improve Your Skin And Hair

Silk bedding including pillowcases are 100 per cent machine washable. Use a cool, gentle setting, lingerie soap and tumble dry on low heat for 20 minutes. The balance of drying happens quickly on its own. They don't require ironing.
09/03/2014 05:28 EDT
How To Have Perfectly-Shaped

How To Have Perfectly-Shaped Eyebrows

Different eyebrow shapes and colours can dramatically change the appearance of your eyes and overall face. Here are some professional tips for shaping and colouring eyebrows.
08/25/2014 12:38 EDT
How To Get A Gorgeous

How To Get A Gorgeous Blowout

A silk pillow case or tied silk scarf will provide the lowest amount of friction possible, which will prevent frizzy bed head. Dry shampoo can be helpful too, to keep the blowout fresh for days to come. If your blowout is a loose wave, at the end of the night do a high twisted top knot on the top of your head and secure with bobby pins rather than an elastic.
08/20/2014 10:47 EDT
Top Tips For Gorgeous

Top Tips For Gorgeous Eyelashes

It seems everywhere you look these days, there are more types of mascaras and shapes of wands than ever before. I recently spoke with Denee Noel, Cosmetics Sales Manager at Holt Renfrew Vancouver to find out the best mascara wands for different lashes.
08/18/2014 12:16 EDT
How To Get Super Sexy

How To Get Super Sexy Eyelashes

Before you go out and get the extensions you should be aware of the maintenance involved. You need to be more careful washing your face. After you get eyelash extensions done for the first 24 hours you cannot get your eyelashes wet, but after that, they can get wet and are great for beach vacations.
08/02/2014 05:27 EDT
Top Tips for Gorgeous Summer

Top Tips for Gorgeous Summer Skin

In my 20s (usually after a night of partying) I would occasionally fall asleep with a full face of makeup. However, as the years have progressed, my need for a squeaky clean face has become important to me. Between the sweat, sun and activities of the hot summer months, I feel even more compelled to take care of my mature skin.
07/07/2014 09:01 EDT
The Hottest (Vegan) Purse Trends For

The Hottest (Vegan) Purse Trends For Summer

I have always felt that it is possible to have the world of luxury and sustainable fashion come together. If these two powerful combinations could meet, I am sure more people would be open to making the change to environmentally friendly trends. Luckily, my dreams are coming true. More and more there are greater options for vegan fashion.
06/24/2014 04:47 EDT
Hot Summer Fashion Trends Ready For Your

Hot Summer Fashion Trends Ready For Your Closet

As my fashion sense continues to evolve, summer should be included as part of my journey to becoming a fashionista. Well, OK, not quite a fashionista. I would be happy to be dressing a little on trend and feeling comfortable.
06/13/2014 05:35 EDT
10 Hot Shoe Trends For

10 Hot Shoe Trends For Summer

I was so happy to hear that one of the major trends for summer footwear is comfort! The major trends revolve around comfort-chunky heels, wide straps and thick soles. This goes hand-in-hand with the '90s revival that is currently happening.
06/05/2014 05:55 EDT
Redefine Success in Your

Redefine Success in Your Life

It was the year 2000. I was at my first 'real' job with a major international company. I thought this is my time, my career would finally be launching and I would be living the professional life, having it all. Instead, I worked long hours, gained weight and was under a tremendous amount of stress. A few months later, I ended up taking a stress leave from the job.
05/28/2014 06:01 EDT
How To Look Hot In Jeans After

How To Look Hot In Jeans After 40

Trying on jeans can be a really positive experience or a not so great experience. With those bright fluorescent lights in the change room and the sales person asking from the other side of the door, "how are they fitting?" Purchasing jeans can be a roller coaster of emotions.
05/19/2014 02:17 EDT
How to Look Like a Celebrity in

How to Look Like a Celebrity in Sweats

The celebrities seen in magazines give me more focus on how to take my lunch time sweat style up a notch. You never know who you will meet in the grocery aisle.
05/12/2014 12:31 EDT
How To Tell Your Stories In a Meaningful and Memorable

How To Tell Your Stories In a Meaningful and Memorable Way

This may sound a bit structured, but it will help family and friends who don't see you that often to understand the event and how your special occasion unfolded. If you are combining written content with photos or a video. Try to keep the number of words to seven hundred (or less). This seems to be the magic number before people start to drift off when reading online.
05/06/2014 05:20 EDT
How To Complete Any Outfit With This Chic

How To Complete Any Outfit With This Chic Accessory

Let's start with the fact the scarf is a great finishing touch to any of our basic wardrobe pieces. It will add some personality to our basic monochrome wardrobe- black, white, navy, blue jeans, etc. It is becoming more and more for every season that accessories are steering the ship. Clothes are the accessory to the accessory.
04/26/2014 12:04 EDT
Top Five Tips For Manifesting Your Dream

Top Five Tips For Manifesting Your Dream Life

In the early 2000s I started to read about the Dalai Lama. It was a revelation to view the world through the eyes of compassion. Venturing to the grocery store, driving in traffic, all became a practice of kindness. Then after I became comfortable with the concepts of Buddhism. I embarked on yoga. This extended my mindfulness. Now I continue to bring these concepts together and combine them with visualization.
04/23/2014 05:21 EDT
The Hottest Hair Trends For

The Hottest Hair Trends For Spring

Spring is a time for evolution. As the sun comes out and the days get longer, I always feel inspired to try a new look. I spoke with Taylor Smits, Creative Director of Aveda Tonic South Granville in Vancouver and he shared some of the hottest looks for spring.
04/14/2014 12:28 EDT
Top Tips For a Perfect

Top Tips For a Perfect Pedicure

Recently, I noticed that my toes could use a makeover. When I was at the pool for my weekly swim, I noticed other women having such pretty toes, polish in every shade and colour. In an attempt to have dazzling feet for the summer, I spoke with the regional manager at absolute spa.
04/07/2014 01:08 EDT