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sadie parr

Wolf Awareness Executive Director

Sadie Parr is the executive director Wolf Awareness, a non-profit foundation established in 1987. Both are dedicated to working towards the conservation of wolves across Canada as part of a functioning ecosystem. Parr graduated from the Biomedical Science program at the University of Guelph in 2003, before moving west and learning about the perils even “protected” wildlife faces in Canada. Since then she has dedicated herself to raising awareness about the need for large carnivore conservation across Canada.
Wolf And Coyote Traps Are Killing Grizzly

Wolf And Coyote Traps Are Killing Grizzly Bears

Grizzlies are extremely susceptible to being caught in wolf or coyote killing snares. Although there are designated areas and seasons to protect grizzlies from falling victim to snares, these are quite ineffective in protecting bears. Hundreds upon hundreds of wolves are killed every year for a bounty that also causes the by-catch death of grizzly bears and countless other animals. In this new millennium, Canada has returned to the old adage of "shoot, shovel, and shut up."
10/07/2016 11:51 EDT
We Must End Alberta's Persecution of

We Must End Alberta's Persecution of Wolves

Grey wolves in Alberta are exposed to lethal threats from every angle, including aerial gunning from helicopters, choking neck-snares, and poison-baits that lure wolves and many other species to their excruciating deaths. Alberta's liberal hunting and trapping regulations assure that the devastation of wolf families occurs nearly year-round.
09/03/2015 05:41 EDT