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Sadiya Ansari

Huffington Post Canada blog editor


Why Isn't Anyone Talking About the Mass Murder in Wilno?

A mass shooting fueled by misogyny is no doubt a national tragedy. So why does it seem like those who want to lead this country are just not that interested in it? To date, there have been no official statements from the leaders. A woman is killed by her partner every six days in this country, according to the Canadian Women's Foundation. That's about 60 women a year, certainly more than deaths by terrorism on Canadian soil -- a subject that has taken up much of the leaders' time and will likely be focus of Monday's debate on foreign policy. So how many women have to die before this issue warrants the political attention it deserves?
09/25/2015 05:11 EDT

Nicki Minaj Doesn't Have Time for Bad Blood With Taylor Swift

Nicki Minaj identified an industry preference for what is seen as attractive, acceptable and what should be rewarded. It shouldn't be surprising that black artists feel some type of way when their cultural influence is undeniable but remains unrecognized. It is, however, surprising that the industry that still makes money off the backs of black artists still doesn't take them seriously.
07/22/2015 02:37 EDT