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Saeed Selvam


Saeed Selvam is a regular media contributor.

He has a B.A and Masters of Public Policy from the University of Toronto and is a Massey Fellow.
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5 Ways To Communicate Like A Leader

True leaders understand the importance of effective communication. Powerful speeches have changed the world and served as powerful agents of persuasion. Whether you're trying to change the world or change a lightbulb, the way you speak can mean the difference between getting walked on and being revered. Effective communication is not a "soft skill," it's a necessity if you're dealing with human beings in your line of work.
06/07/2016 04:58 EDT

How To Get An Interview With Google

Today's most innovative companies are changing the world because they don't just think different, they hire different. Google is at the very helm of this paradigm shift in how company's hire and are setting the gold standard in not just work-life balance, but recruiting.
05/11/2016 03:15 EDT
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8 Leadership Tips To Master Team Management

The art of leadership resides in a leader's ability to communicate a clear vision to his/her staff. The well being of their employees in the modern economy is paramount to organizational success and there can be chaotic repercussions if this is ignored. So how can you be in control of the narrative when it comes to your team, if you're the last to know that your employees have issues, or worse, that those issues are with you? Let's find out.
04/22/2016 05:28 EDT
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6 Free And Easy Fundraising Hacks For Non-Profits

You can try and spin it how you want, but the bottom line is that donors are only as altruistic as much as their socio-economic circumstances allow. A majority for the most part give because of their emotional connection to the cause, but that is only as long as they have additional income to give in the first place.
04/19/2016 11:41 EDT
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How To Decide On A New Business Idea

Let's start with your motivation or your "fire." Why do you want to start a business? Opportunities to make money are endless, especially online, but don't dive into a venture unless you know you have the grit, knowledge and will to do so.
04/13/2016 11:20 EDT
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6 Ways To Influence Decision Makers

There comes a point in your career when you may want to flex your persuasive muscle, it could be the quest for a promotion or establishing your public brand. Whether you're a student or a senior level executive, competition is fierce and there's never been a greater time to get noticed and be heard.
04/04/2016 11:30 EDT

5 Things Non-Profit Leaders Can Learn From Google

After working with multiple non-profits and private sector companies to solve fundraising challenges, I've learned that a little innovation can do wonders. So who better to look to than one of the most valuable and creative companies on the planet, Google.
06/09/2015 01:04 EDT
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Tech Company Innovation Outweighs Policy Headaches

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Uber and Airbnb have entered unchartered policy territory where ethics debates, grey areas and government relations are the daily norm. While the seeming nuisance of having to deal with all these new policy implications all at once may seem cumbersome, the economic benefits and progress that has been made far outweigh the work.
04/15/2015 05:27 EDT
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The Niqab Ban Goes Against Canadian Values

A ceremony designed to showcase our national values of freedom of religion, expression, accommodation and speech? Well, let's just say that this election year, the Prime Minister should focus on reaching elsewhere for points rather than conjuring fear from diversity at a time where cultural understanding and unity are desperately needed.
03/24/2015 01:23 EDT
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Focus More On Electing Your Councillor and Less On Your Mayor

This is why council is so important. As a unified body it has immense power to shift the agenda of our city. A mayor should technically be able to unite and determine solid goals for Toronto along with a strong policy agenda designed to solve our toughest of challenges. Unfortunately there hasn't been much unity on council and partisan-politics has stifled much progress. The never ending subway vs. LRT debate creating a rift between the downtown core and the suburbs and a lack of true 'big-picture, visionary thinking' has seriously stalled Toronto's ability to capitalize on its unique potential.
03/31/2014 05:33 EDT

Why I'm Running for City Council

You grow even fonder of your city when you've travelled abroad, I remember returning from a trip overseas and almost kissing the ground when I landed at Pearson -- almost. It's not just our diversity,...
01/21/2014 11:59 EST
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Residents New and Old Deserve a Better Toronto

Toronto is facing a political problem that it hasn't asked for. That problem has threatened both the trust Torontonians place in their government and how the world sees this city. We can strengthen our city. We can empower our immigrant communities, create jobs, and create a safe environment. But in order to do so, next year we have to stay focused on policy, not politics.
11/25/2013 12:27 EST

Pauline Marois Just Doesn't Get Multiculturalism -- or Canada

Premier Pauline Marois' proposal to ban religious symbols in public sector settings like schools, hospitals and daycares is as unconstitutional as it is offensive to every religious minority in Quebec and across the nation. Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms under Section 2 specifically states a Canadian's right to freedom of religion and expression among others, no matter where you are.
09/07/2013 09:45 EDT

Toronto Police Shot First and Tasered Last

By now, you've either seen the Sammy Yatim shooting video -- where an 18-year-old was shot and killed on the TTC -- or heard the story. When something is blatantly unjust, it seems to hit close to home, getting the most cynical engaged and opinionated. One thing's for sure, we need answers and we need them soon. We can't wait for tipping points to engage in emotionally charged dialogue. Something like this can't happen again.
07/29/2013 04:15 EDT

Florida Was Complicit in Trayvon Martin's Death

The jury in the Zimmerman trial made a decision that they felt comfortable with, they didn't have to be racist, Florida law protected and provoked their decision. The point is, collective anger and protest needs to be directed against the law, not store windows.
07/17/2013 08:12 EDT

Canadian Innovation: We Can't Play it Safe Any Longer

In Canada, we like to play it safe and for the most part, it's paid off. Tight regulations and the centralization of banking powers helped us weather the economic storm of 2008. But we're a different Canada now. Canada's potential is remarkable, we need to believe in that potential and invest in its development before looking elsewhere for inspiration. It's all right here.
06/25/2013 12:25 EDT

There Are Scandals and Then There's Rob Ford

Google Rob Ford and you're met with the latest on the "Crackgate Scandal." In what can only be described as a whirlwind of chaos, Toronto's Mayor is in the news again with another bizarre allegation. What needs to happen next is that the Mayor should address the allegations head-on then move on. What Toronto needs to do is start vetting potential Mayoral candidates for 2014 as Ford has made it clear that he'll be running again. When you honestly think about it, our standards are not that high when it comes to politicians; we need to raise the bar.
05/17/2013 04:02 EDT

The Voting System That Could Fix Democracy

It almost seems fraudulent to elect someone to office who doesn't have the support of the majority -- but my friend, it happens all the time. So what do we do about this undemocratic travesty? Enter the Ranked Ballot Initiative (RaBit), a citizen-led electoral reform campaign designed to introduce, you guessed it, ranked ballots (instant runoff voting) for municipal elections by 2018.
05/06/2013 05:15 EDT