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Saeed Selvam


Saeed Selvam is a regular media contributor. <br> <br> He has a B.A and Masters of Public Policy from the University of Toronto and is a Massey Fellow.
Anti-Terror Policies Must Uphold Canadian

Anti-Terror Policies Must Uphold Canadian Values

Personal learnings from the Countering Violent Extremism portfolio echoed the sentiments that Justin Trudeau expressed following the Boston Bombings -- to get to the root cause to prevent future attacks. Last year I had the chance to work with the Department of Public Safety on National Security Policy, and if there's one thing that you need to focus on in preventing any kind of violence from happening -- whether it be localized gun violence or terrorism -- it's the root cause. Mind you, gun violence and extremism are two very different animals, but what they do share in common is an immature and ridiculous sense of expression through violence.
04/23/2013 05:20 EDT
How the Internet Could End

How the Internet Could End Poverty

The internet provides an unprecedented gateway to communicate and it's already changed the world in more ways than a few. Heck, it's the only way you're able to see this post! While the internet does wonderous and magical things, I think that it's a force that can help end poverty by creating jobs.
02/21/2013 08:04 EST
Are We Too Comfortable With Gun

Are We Too Comfortable With Gun Violence?

In February alone Toronto lost two more 15 year olds -- one, just this last Sunday. The apathetic, believe that acts of violence are so far removed that they're irrelevant, only the concern of certain ethnic communities or completely unsolvable all together. Time to start caring again.
02/20/2013 12:36 EST