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Safiyya Vankalwala

Lawyer, mom, researcher, internet junkie, music lover.

My name is Safiyya and I love to learn and share everything I learn. I am a proud mom of two young kids, but worry about raising them in this scary world. My husband, family and friends are my life lines and I would be utterly lost without them. I would like to think of myself as a young and hip lawyer, though I am neither that young or hip. I am a dreamer and realist, and a pessimist and believer in faith. My brain never shuts off and, in fact, over thinks pretty much everything.
How Ramadan Can Get Bilal Randeree/Flickr

How Ramadan Can Get Lonely

I look forward to Eid, but as Eid approaches, I start to miss Ramadan. Many of my Muslim friends share the same bittersweet feeling. I am not sure if I would feel the same bittersweet feeling if I was observing Ramadan on my own, or at least not to the same extent. A partner in crime is a must.
07/13/2015 12:26 EDT
My Struggle to Dress Appropriately During Purestock via Getty Images

My Struggle to Dress Appropriately During Ramadan

The one aspect I constantly struggle with every Ramadan is my clothing choice. I feel that if I am fasting, I should dress closer in accordance with the Muslim dress code. But is my ultimate goal that one day I will leave Ramadan dressing more conservatively for the rest of the year? I am not sure, but maybe.
06/29/2015 12:41 EDT
How I Let My 6-Year-Old Fast During shutterstock

How I Let My 6-Year-Old Fast During Ramadan

Six years ago, I could not imagine the day my son would go into grade 1, let along imagine my son asking me if he can fast. Last week, he said to me: "I want to fast with you and dad. Please, please, please!" I was silent at first, not knowing how to tell him that there is no way I am letting him fast 17 hours.
06/22/2015 05:35 EDT
10 Challenges I'll Face Every day During Getty

10 Challenges I'll Face Every day During Ramadan

Ramadan is scheduled to commence later this week and I am not looking forward to it. The Islamic calendar is lunar based, so Ramadan shifts by approximately 10 days every year. Fasting during the winter months is easy with dawn being so late and sunset being so early. Fasting during the summer months is brutal -- dawn is currently at 3:45 a.m. and sunset is at 9 p.m.
06/16/2015 08:11 EDT