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Saint Elizabeth

Health Expert, Voice for Non-Profit Saint Elizabeth Health Care

Ask Elizabeth is the health expert voice for non-profit Saint Elizabeth Heath Care (SEHC). She and SEHC is inspired and named for a 13th European century saint, who is revered for her humanity and selflessness. Born in 1207, Elizabeth of Hungary was the daughter of Andrew II, King of Hungary. After the deaths of her mother and her betrothed, Elizabeth turned her back on the opulence of the court at her family's castle in Warburg, in the state of Thuringia (Germany)- choosing instead a pious, selfless and austere life. Ostracized by the court for refusing her social status, she stood up to her detractors and quietly devoted her life to helping the poor and the sick. St. Elizabeth of Hungary died on November 17, 1231.
Ask Elizabeth: Caring for a Disabled

Ask Elizabeth: Caring for a Disabled Child

I quit my job to take care of my disabled daughter. She is the joy of my life but at times I feel overwhelmed and incredibly stressed by the responsibilities and challenges I face every day. Lately it's taken a different turn, and I feel unable to handle anything at all. What should I do?
12/17/2012 09:09 EST
Ask Elizabeth: Caretaking on a

Ask Elizabeth: Caretaking on a Budget?

My husband is coming home from the hospital after having a stroke and we realize we now need to purchase a number of things for him to be safe and independent at home. We live on a fixed income and I am really worried about how we are going to afford all of the equipment the hospital has recommended.
12/12/2012 12:21 EST