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Sally K. Gallagher

Sociology Professor, School of Public Policy @ Oregon State University

Sally K. Gallagher is professor of sociology in the School of Public Policy at Oregon State University. She has conducted research on families and social change in Damascus for more than two decades and was recipient of a Fulbright Serial Research Grant to Syria from 1995-97. Gallagher is the author of Making Do in Damascus: Navigating a Generation of Change in Family and Work, Syracuse University Press, October 2012.
In Syria, Simply Replacing al-Assad is Not AP

In Syria, Simply Replacing al-Assad is Not Enough

Replacing Bashar al-Assad in Syria is not sufficient. Shedding known problems for ones that are unknown is difficult. In Damascus, the ancient capital, or Aleppo, the nation's economic hub, exchanging a known set of difficulties (even terrible ones), for an unknown state of affairs is a fearful choice. But after the killing of four senior security officials in the very center of Damascus, the shelling of Damascus and the wholesale bombardment of Aleppo, perhaps the risk of doing nothing will finally outweigh the risk of the unknown.
08/08/2012 05:21 EDT