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Sam Sutherland


Sam Sutherland is a Toronto-based journalist and the author of <em>Perfect Youth: The Birth of Canadian Punk</em>. He is a former Assistant Editor at <em>Exclaim! Magazine</em> and Music Editor of <em>Broken Pencil</em>, whose work has appeared in such publications as the <em>National Post</em>, Maisonneuve, Alternative Press, and alt-weeklies across the country. He currently works as the Online Producer of AUX.TV.
How Canadian Punk Changed the Musical (and National)

How Canadian Punk Changed the Musical (and National) Landscape

Canada's punk history is worth remembering and worth celebrating. It forms the foundation of a proud alternative underground that has grown and thrived. Punk was the antidote to a staid dominant culture. If the bands on the radio are garbage, start your own. If the bar down the street won't let you play, start your own bar in a basement. And if your city is boring, it's up to you to find a way to make it vibrant and exciting. Punk wasn't theorizing and complaining. Punk was action.
10/01/2012 12:08 EDT