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Sam Title

CEO of The Coffice

Sam Title is CEO of “The Coffice”, a soon-to-re-launch online community dedicated to professionals who (respectfully) work from coffee shops. Visit to get early access to the online community for Cofficers. Follow on Twitter @TheCoffice.
Should You Work in a

Should You Work in a Coffice?

While every Coffice differs depending on many factors -- location, ownership/management, size, menu, etc., -- you'll want to first make sure the Coffice fits with your own values and work style, as you might do with any career choice.
08/13/2013 12:03 EDT
'Coffice' Etiquette: How to Politely Work From a Coffee

'Coffice' Etiquette: How to Politely Work From a Coffee Shop

They are a rapidly growing segment of professionals who prefer to work from locations other than an office cubicle. They are called teleworkers, telecommuters, mobile workers, "cofficers." And the number of people choosing to get their work done in nearby coffee shops is only going to rise.
07/17/2013 08:09 EDT