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Saman Ahsan

Executive Director, Girls Action Foundation

Executive Director of Girls Action Foundation, a national non-profit that has been advancing girls’ empowerment since 1995. Ms Ahsan has worked passionately for girls’ empowerment in her native Pakistan and her adopted Canada.

Put Rural Girls on the Social Map in Canada

According to Statistics Canada and the Canadian Institute for Health Information, rural and northern girls are more likely to smoke and drink, have higher rates of suicide, and have poorer mental health made worse by the remoteness of their location. These factors could explain why the mortality rate for rural girls is double the rate for those in urban areas.
10/18/2013 08:03 EDT

Girls Action Foundation: How Do We Empower Girls in Canada?

As Canadian girls grow up, they're told time and again that they can be whoever they want to be. The reality is far less ideal. Despite having more educational opportunities than ever, many girls are still confronted with violence and low self-esteem - sometimes with grave consequences.
03/20/2013 05:37 EDT